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READ FIRST - Rules for Using This Wiki
Last modified at 3/3/2010 3:33 PM by Ola Kareem

Rules for Using this Wiki

  1. Read the rules. They are currently all named beginning with "_Wiki_Administration_Policy"
  2. Barring that, read this summary

Summary of the Rules/Policies applicable to this wiki

  1. Be a current AHLA member in good standing
  2. Please stick to the template at _Wiki_Administration_Policy_-_Look_Feel_and_Style_2008_12_10. This format was developed after significant discussions about what a wiki entry would include to be most useful to the broadest range of AHLA members.
  3. Properly cite your sources and identify quotations and paraphrasing. Inline citation is preferred, but please try to limit the use of external hyperlinks as described in the Citation and Formatting policy.
  4. When writing, please check the appropriate boxes below the text entry box to help other members find your article. The checkboxes will "tag" your article so it is easier to find.
  5. Don't plagiarize.
  6. Don't post copyrighted material unless you own all the rights to it and you fully understand what you are doing by placing your copyrighted material on this site. You alone are responsible for verifying that you have the rights to post any content, and AHLA will fully cooperate with copyright holders to remove infringing material.
  7. Try to write from a neutral, non-biased point of view.
  8. Be respectful of others (people, organizations). When in doubt, start removing adjectives from your writing.
  9. If you express an opinion in your writing, note that it is an opinion, and set aside some space in the article for someone else's opinion. There are often multiple ways to look at every issue; including as many of them as possible will help make the wiki a richer and more useful resource.

Finally, have fun, be creative, rewrite entries (within reason), and engage in civil debate with your fellow AHLA members. This is a collaborative effort. As such, it is not designed to be the definitive resource on any issue, but to give AHLA members a good place from which to start when addressing certain issues.

Here are the font and format guidelines:

Cut-and-paste from another program
If you wish to cut and paste your document from Microsoft Word or another word processor, please remember to reformat to the following conventions:

  • full paragraph marks (return key) for paragraph breaks,
  • single line spacing,
  • no spaces before or after the paragraphs,
  • no tabs, no indents on the first line of each paragraph,
  • Verdana 9.5 point black for the paragraph text,
  • Verdana 9.5 point bold for subheadings, and
  • Verdana 12 point bold for major headings
  • The article title will automagically display in Calisto MT 15 point red.    

For technical assistance, please contact the Technology staff at
For assistance with substantive content issues, please contact the Wiki Editors at

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