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Organizational Standards Policy
Last modified at 2/3/2010 5:13 PM by MetroStar Systems

Each AHLA Wiki article is tagged with one or more tags appearing at the bottom of the Wiki article editing screen. Wiki contributors should check the appropriate boxes at the bottom of each editing screen to “tag” the content and ensure that the content is appropriately classified. These tags are determined by AHLA to facilitate integration of Wiki content with other AHLA web-based content and they are designed to help Wiki users to locate relevant content.

Similarly, contributors should, to the extent possible, link from articles they author or edit to other related articles within the Wiki.

Because the AHLA Wiki is intended for broadest possible audience, technical terms and terms of art should be avoided to the extent possible. When technical terms and terms of art are essential to the understanding of the main topic of a wiki entry, the terms should be defined within the wiki entry in which they appear. If a term cannot be reasonably defined in 50 words or less, the term should have its own full wiki entry to which there should be a link from the main article.

To the extent feasible, the AHLA Wiki will have a Definitions page, consisting of defined terms linked to their definitions either in standalone entries or within broader entries.

Last Reviewed November 24, 2009

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