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How To Edit In and Use This Wiki
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How to use this wiki library
Viewing the wiki library contents
You can view the articles in this wiki library by clicking "Health Law Resources" and then "Health Law wiki" section on the lower left menu.  Also, we recommend that you Print This Page (the link is at far lower left) as a reference.

wiki practice editing
If you are not familiar with wiki editing and don't wish to practice in a real page with real content, please feel free to go in the "Sandbox" to play.  This Sandbox page does not have substantive content and is just there for new wiki users to practice.  The Sandbox can be reached by the topic list at "Health Law Resources" and then "Health Law wiki" section on the lower left menu.  The page may be slow to load, please have patience.
Editing pages
This wiki library provides what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing.   Please note that there are two possible views, "display mode" and "editing mode."
To edit a page, click Edit at the top left of the relevant page (see links named "EDIT" "HISTORY" and "INCOMING LINKS", white on the blue background below the AHLA logo; if there is no EDIT link, then you don't have editing privileges).   After a brief pause, an editing menu and the text of the article will appear.  
Edit in the usual way.  You may cut and paste text into your work, but be aware that you may then need to reformat the typeface or size (see conventions below).  You can insert tables and pictures with the click of a button on the editing menu. You may also use italics or other formatting.
When you are happy with your changes, click the OK button at top right to update the page.  Your name will appear as the most recent editor.  The wiki staff may need to reformat the article, and will make an effort to contact you in order to let you know that they have done so. 
Please note that this wiki uses inline references, not footnotes.  Most references should be short, such as a case name or statute citation.  Longer references or more substantial discussion should be in the form of an indented paragraph; if the reference is more than a paragraph, please consider creating a new page and linking the new page (see below).

Creating pages
There are two main ways to create a new page in your wiki library:
  1. Create a forward link to another page and then click on it to create the page:
    This is the recommended way to create a page because it is easier for people to find the page when another page links to it.

    Start by adding the link: type the name of the new page you are creating within square brackets (for example New Page).   Then, click the OK button that the top of the page to save your work. Scroll down and click the new link.  (Forward links to pages that do not yet exist have a dashed underline.)  You will go to the Create Page form, where you can start typing your content.  Remember to save your new page with exactly the same name as you typed in the square brackets so that the link will work.

  2. Create a page that is not linked to any other:
    In the Recent Changes section, click View All Pages. Then, on the New menu in the red bar, click New Wiki Page. This takes you to the Create Page form where you can start typing your content.   Or, go to "Health Law Resources" and then "Health Law wiki" section and use the link "Start a New wiki Page."

Cut-and-paste from another program
If you wish to cut and paste your document from Microsoft Word or another word processor, please remember to reformat to the following conventions:

  • full paragraph marks (return key) for paragraph breaks,
  • single line spacing,
  • no spaces before or after the paragraphs,
  • no tabs, no indents on the first line of each paragraph,
  • all aligned left (not centered or full justified)
  • Verdana 9.5 point black for the paragraph text,
  • Verdana 9.5 point bold for subheadings, and
  • Verdana 12 point bold for major headings, aligned left. 
  • The article title will automagically display in Calisto MT 15 point red.    
Assigning topic headings
When you've completed your article or edits, please scroll all the way down the page below Taxonomy and check to determine whether the topic headings are correct.  Check or uncheck the boxes as needed.   
Restoring a page
If you need to restore a previous version of a page, click History at the top of the page. You can then click on any of the dates to view the page as it existed on that date. When you find the version that you want to restore, click Restore this version on the toolbar.

Viewing incoming links
You can see which pages link to the current page by clicking Incoming Links at the top of the page.
Please do not delete any pages.   If you need help, please feel free to contact Alex or Kathleen at

For more information about using Windows SharePoint Services-based wiki libraries, click Help on any Windows SharePoint Services page.
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