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Editorial Guidelines Committee Charter
Last modified at 1/22/2010 9:57 AM by Thad Lurie
Working Charter - AHLA Wiki Pilot Project Editorial Guidelines Committee

The editorial guidelines committee will establish editorial guidelines
for developing and maintaining articles for the AHLA's wiki. The editorial guidelines committee will focus on policies and protocols defining the look, feel, and style of the wiki, and governing the management of the wiki's content. These policies and protocols will address, among others, the following elements, divided into four general categories:

Organizational Standards

  • Categorization, tagging, and taxonomy of articles
  • Use of terms of art or other technical language

Look, Feel, and Style

  • Article templates
  • Grammar, punctuation, and style
  • Citation formatting

Contributions, Contributors, and Intellectual Property

  • Incorporating and attributing external materials
  • Criteria governing contributor participation
  • Copyright and other intellectual property policies (if not already defined by existing AHLA policy)

Oversight and Quality

  • Tone, breadth, and depth of contributions
  • Editorial review procedures
  • Conflict and dispute resolution

Last Reviewed: October 30, 2008
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