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Citation and Formatting
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Sources should be cited inline, as they would be cited in a legal brief, in a format based on The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation format. However, it is not necessary to include underlining, italics, or small caps, as these can be difficult to maintain between Wiki content revisions.

Citations to external resources should not link directly to content appearing on other websites. Because some websites continuously move or update content, the preferred citation format is to note the author of the content, the title of the document referred to, its date of publication, the parent site, the last date accessed, and any instructions that may be helpful to locate the content.

For example, a citation to Chapter 1 of the Medicare Benefit Policy manual should be: “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, CMS Pub. 100-02, Chap. 1, Sec. 130.1 (Rev. 45, Feb. 10, 2006); available at - last checked Nov. 23, 2009 and found under Regulations and Guidance > Manuals > Internet-Only Manuals (IOMs)”.

A citation to or, (for example) while accurate for the resource described above as of November 23, 2009, may change in the future, and thus should be avoided to the extent possible.

Similarly, articles should not include copies of images or other documents, or images or documents that are “hotlinked” from other sites to appear directly within a Wiki article’s body. Although at times a picture can be worth a thousand words, a blank space on the page (or something inappropriate) is worth considerably less.

Grammar, punctuation and style should be based on The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style format.


Articles should follow the template provided below. Section headings should be on their own line, bold, and in HTML “Heading 2” format. If you are not able to use the AHLA Wiki’s rich-text editing interface, the HTML code for this is <p><center><h2>[heading]</h2></left></p>. Other paragraphs should be enclosed in <p> </p> tags. Aside from using the “<h2>” format, please remove all font information from your contributions. If you are unsure of how to do this, please contact the editorial committee via email at editors [at] ahlawiki [dot] org.

Overview of Issue

This section will provide a brief introduction on the topic of the article.


This section focuses on the circumstances that gave rise to government action.


This section will outline the governmental authority on the topic, including both statutory and regulatory authority on federal and state levels. Relevant case law and administrative rulings will also be discussed in this section. Any federal register notices and preambles relevant to the topic should also be included in this section.

Agency Guidance

Any guidance provided by federal or state government agencies and departments on the topic should be included in this section. Citation to and quotation from any applicable guidance should follow the citation format described above.

Future Direction

This section anticipates future government action on the topic.

Common Areas of Concern

This section identifies healthcare practices commonly subject to government inspection, or other issues which woudl promote useful discussion.


This section summarizes the topic and includes concluding remarks.

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