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​" serve as a public resource on selected health care legal issues."─AHLA Mission Statement

AHLA is dedicated​ to bettering the communities in which we work and live. Our ongoing communication and health education efforts inform both the law and health care communities so we can better understand complex health law issues and prepare for difficult health care-related situations, ultimately leading to better care and planning for patients and their communities. AHLA fulfills this Public Interest commitment─giving back to the health care communities─mainly through the following activities.

Public Interest Series
Pro Bono
Convener Sessions
Committee Members and Staff Liaison
​Every single Public Interest initiative, whether it is hosting a convener session, publishing a consumer-friendly guidebook, or reaching out to other organizations to market AHLA’s free Public Interest resources is made possible because of generous donations made by members like you. Everything that is produced for the Association’s Public Interest Series is free for anyone to use and disseminate for educational purposes. Thank you for making this possible! 
Ways to Give
Recognition Clubs
Memorials and Tributes
The AHLA Pro Bono Health Law Initiative provides access to resources, educational materials and networking information for health lawyers seeking opportunities to engage in pro bono legal work.
From legal assistance for individuals facing obstacles to obtaining health care or health benefits, to pro bono corporate legal work for health care charitable organizations, there is great diversity in pro bono opportunities for AHLA members.
Your Source for Pro Bono Information and Resources
Contact us with questions or ideas regarding AHLA's Pro Bono Initiative, Toolkit, and website.
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