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Pro Bono Champions


What Makes a Champion?

The Pro Bono Champions program recognizes AHLA member lawyers who have provided significant pro bono legal services in the health care/health law field. The honorees have increased the availability and quality of health care, provided the health care community with needed access to the legal system, and represent excellence in fulfilling the volunteer tradition of the legal profession.

AHLA has recognized more than 140 members who have devoted a significant amount of their pro bono hours to cases involving health law-related issues. AHLA is proud to honor Pro Bono Champions for the services they provide each calendar year and throughout their careers.  

The AHLA Public Interest Committee administers the Pro Bono Champions program. The goal and intention is to: (a) encourage members to provide pro bono work in the service of others; and to (b) recognize those who do. The Pro Bono Champions program is not intended to recognize community or public service activities that do not involve the provision of legal services.

AHLA member applicants demonstrate significant commitment (at least 50 hours) to pro bono legal services in the health law field during the previous calendar year.

  • Dedication to the delivery of health law legal services to the poor through a pro bono program;
  • Pro bono legal services to satisfy previously unmet health needs or to extend health services or coverage to under-served, uninsured, or under insured segments of the population;
  • Pro bono litigation to improve or expand access of individuals or vulnerable populations to health services or health coverage;
  • Pro bono legal work on behalf of a charitable organization with a mission to improve health outcomes; promote wellness; address the health care or legal needs of the ill, the poor, the uninsured, or the under insured; or promote other similar health care-related purposes;
  • Developing innovative approaches to delivery of pro bono legal services in health care; or
  • Pro bono legal work to achieve legislative or regulatory actions improving health care delivery, access to care, or promotion of health.
For ideas or inspiration for starting a pro bono service activity, check out the Related Resources links to the right. 
 *Through its Pro Bono Champions program, AHLA does not endorse, expresses no view on, and makes no judgment about the merits of the positions taken or advocated in any pro bono activity.
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