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Veterans’ Claims Assistance Network


VCAN_Final_RGB.jpg***Note:  VCAN ATTORNEY REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED... The ABA Veterans’ Claims Assistance Network (VCAN) has been operating as a demonstration pilot and has recently completed its case intake target for the pilot phase. Accordingly, there are no pro bono case assignments available for new volunteer attorneys until VCAN’s operation is resumed in the near future.

AHLA is pleased to spread the word about the American Bar Association Veterans’ Claims Assistance Network (ABA VCAN). 

ABA, in close coordination with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is providing unrepresented veterans the opportunity to work with lawyers who will assist them with pending disability benefits claims. This service is free to veterans, and their completed claims packages will receive expedited review from the VA.

Any attorney who is a member in good standing with a state bar is able to sign up with ABA VCAN. Before assisting a veteran with the preparation of a benefits claim through ABA VCAN, an attorney must obtain VA accreditation and complete a required ABA VCAN CLE training, both of which may be obtained on the project’s website,

Many of our nation's veterans who have been wounded and disabled as a result of their military service must wait to receive the disability compensation benefits they have earned and deserve. Through the VCAN Network, the ABA has sent over 3,000 letters to unrepresented veterans with pending claims. Now, we need your help!

Consider signing up to volunteer. The ABA provides all necessary training. Upon an attorney’s admission into the VCAN Network, the ABA will match a veteran’s case with an attorney based on expertise, location, and availability. Lawyers will assist veterans with the preparation and completion of claims for disability compensation benefits currently pending with the VA, resulting in their claims receiving expedited review by the VA. The expectation is that the case will be closed in 60 days.

Assisting veterans with completion of their claims is a discrete, time-limited volunteer activity, and your service will have far-reaching, positive, and systemic impacts. Not only will individual veterans served through this program potentially receive benefits more rapidly, but the support provided to the VA by VCAN will supplement the overall delivery of services, benefitting all veterans within the VA system.

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