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AHLA's Public Interest Series


AHLA’s Public Interest Series is a collection of in-depth guidebooks, fact sheets, and other resources containing information and insight of interest to health care and emergency preparedness professionals, as well as to patients, consumers of health care, their families, and their loved ones.

The Public Interest Series resources are prepared by AHLA members, who bring unparalleled expertise and passion to their work, and an enthusiasm to share their knowledge with the health care sector and the general public.
The Public Interest Series comprises three categories, named for the audiences for whom their information is most salient: Community Preparedness and Public Health; Health Care Consumers; and Military

Community Preparedness and Public Health

These guidebooks provide insightful analysis and solutions for the legal preparedness challenges faced by healthcare providers, community leaders, emergency physicians and nurses, public health officials, homeland security and emergency preparedness professionals, and first responders.

Health Care Consumer

Many patients, their families, loved ones, and advisors must daily face heart ​wrenching news, situations, and decisions. This collection includes a variety of easy-to-understand resources on legal issues they must encounter at these most difficult of times. The publications appeal as well to disability and disease-related organizations, healthcare professionals, legal counsel, social workers, home health care workers, counselors, and clergy.

Military Initiatives

AHLA’s Military Initiative Series offers educational resources for those who serve the United States military community and their beneficiaries. These resources will educate the reader on the legal rights and requirements they possess when making decisions for themselves and for their families.
  • Making Your Healthcare Wishes Known Through an Advance Directive: A Guide for Active Military and Their Beneficiaries
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  • Understanding Informed Consent: A Guide for Active Duty Military and Military Medical Beneficiaries
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  • Informed Consent in Military Medical Research: A Guide for Active Duty Military and Military Medical Beneficiaries
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  • A Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities: A Guide For Active Duty Military and Military Medical Beneficiaries
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 New Public Interest Projects

The Public Interest Committee accepts topic proposals throughout the year regarding the development of user-friendly resources for the community-at-large. Our library of resources address health law issues that affect the welfare of the general public as they relate to a wide variety of topics, including emergency preparedness, medical consumerism, and the military community. Download the topic proposal form​ to submit your topic.
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