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The Battle Has Begun!


Step 1: Consider Who to Recognize

Think about those you would like to recognize. Who has made your AHLA experience better? Who has inspired you? Who are those who volunteer with you? Is there a group of individuals that all belong to one or more AHLA leadership committee, council, practice group, etc...? Count up how many names you have, and be ready to provide email addresses..

Step 2: Donate

Visit to select the number of ribbons you’d like to purchase for every $10 donation increment. Don’t forget you can donate to collect ribbons for yourself. There are plenty of ribbons to go around.

Step 3: Tell Us Who to Recognize

Complete your order below, and provide the names and email addresses of the individuals to be recognized. If you're on a mobile device go here​.​

What is Ribbon Wars​?

Ribbon Wars is your opportunity to recognize others and have some fun while doing it! Donors can get creative by selecting a ribbon to recognize someone. Make a positive impact by donating to AHLA Public Interest in honor of a colleague, a friend, or in your own name.​​

Step 1: Consider Who to Recognize
Think about all those you want to recognize.

Step 2: Donate

Select the Donate button above, or visit​ to make your donation. 

Step 3: Tell Us Who to Recognize

After making a donation, complete the form on the left side of this page. Let us know who each ribbon is for, and what message to send them. ​

Step 4: Share
Share the link​ ​​ with your friends and colleagues so they can be a part of the excitement. Check out the Campaign Flyer​ and Instructions.

 In-House Counsel Program and Annual Meeting

Members attending the In-House Counsel Program and Annual Meeting, June 26-29 in Denver, can pick their ribbons up on-site to show off with pride.

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