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AHLA Celebrates the


Step 1: Consider Who to Recognize

Think about those you would like to recognize. Who has made your AHLA experience better? Who has inspired you? Who are those who volunteer with you? Is there a group of individuals that all belong to one or more AHLA leadership committee, council, practice group, etc...? Count up how many names you have, and be ready to provide email addresses..

Step 2: Donate

Visit to select the number of buttons you’d like to purchase for every $50 donation increment. Don’t forget you can donate to collect buttons for yourself. There are plenty of buttons to go around.

Step 3: Tell Us Who to Recognize

Complete your order below, and provide the names and email addresses of the individuals to be recognized. If you're on a mobile device go here​.​

​In-House Counsel Program and Annual Meeting

Members attending the In-House Counsel Program and Annual Meeting, June 25-28 in San Francisco, can pick their buttons up on-site to show off with pride.

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