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Law/Graduate School Alliances with AHLA

    Schools that have a health law program (or that have a group of students interested in health law and healthcare issues) may want to consider forming an alliance with the American Health Lawyers Association.
    The September 2016 issue of AHLA Connections magazine includes a student supplement, a section devoted to articles about the school alliance groups.  

    To establish an Alliance...

    • Designate a faculty contact who agrees to act as the liaison between the student group and AHLA.
    • Have at least 10 student members join AHLA. Student members are provided electronic access to all of the Association's 16 Practice Groups.
    • Complete and return the alliance application, found on the last few pages of the Growing the Future of Health Law​ brochure.

    A school having an alliance with AHLA . . .

    • Promotion of the campus student group on the AHLA website—providing the law or graduate school, student health law organization, and students with visibility and recognition.
    • Is eligible to register for AHLA's webinars for a reduced rate of $50 (one dial-in location at each school).
    • Ability 
    • Receives AHLA's annual Year in Review—a summary of the leading developments in case law, legislation, and administrative actions affecting healthcare—as well as other content that can be used in your health law newsletter or journal.
    • Receives a special discount when ordering the Fundamentals of Healthcare Law—which covers the basic issues of health law practice.
    • Receives assistance in identifying health law experts to speak to students and student groups about healthcare legal issues.
    • Can access AHLA's Career Center, where students will find everything they need to begin a career in health law and search available positions in the legal community.

    Student members at a school with an alliance agreement . . .

    • Have electronic access to all 16 of AHLA's Practice Group websites.
    • Retrieve resources and information on a content-rich website to aid in writing and research efforts.
    • Browse through hundreds of publications at the AHLA Bookstore.
    • Build relationships with academicians and students who have similar goals through involvement in the Practice Groups, discussion lists, and educational programs.
    • Gain access to AHLA's Health Law Archive​—over 40,000 documents at your fingertips for research.
    • Identify a mentor through AHLA's Mentoring Program.
    AHLA also offers a number of beneficial resources for faculty and academics.
If you have questions or need assistance, contact Aliza Epstein at (202) 833-0779


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