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Cost of Services

The following procedures are required when requesting an Arbitrator or Mediator.
  1. Complete the Request for Dispute Resolver List application form for a dispute resolver list and send it to:

    Carine Brice, ADR Administrator
    Alternative Dispute Resolution Service
    American Health Lawyers Association
    1620 Eye Street, NW, 6th Floor
    Washington, DC 20006-4010
    (202) 833-0762 / Fax (202) 833-1105
  2. Attach a copy of the arrangement, if any, pursuant to which the request is submitted or otherwise related to the request. This agreement may be either an agreement to arbitrate or mediate future disputes or an agreement to arbitrate or mediate an existing dispute.

  3. Determine the appropriate fee and attach your check(s) to the application (the parties to the dispute may share the cost among themselves).

    *Schedule of Non-Refundable Administration Fees 

    Arbitration (First Panel)* $2,750.00
    Arbitration (Second Panel)* $1,750.00
    Arbitration (Third Panel)* $2,750.00
    Hearing Officer* $  900.00
    Med-Arb* $3,250.00
    Mediation (First Panel)* $2,750.00
    Mediation (Second Panel)* $1,750.00
    Mediation (Third Panel)* $2,750.00
    *Add $475 for each additional party above the two (2) initial filing parties (i.e., with one complainant and one respondent, the filing fee is $2,750; with one complainant and 3 respondents, the filing fee is $3,700 [$2,750 + 2($475.00)].


The American Health Lawyers Association Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service within ten (10) days after receiving the request, will send each party an identical list of ten (10) names of dispute resolvers with attached background material.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the American Health Lawyers Association ADR Service at (202) 833-0762.

While the American Health Lawyers Association ADR Service prints its rules for the ease of resolvers and potential parties, the most up-to-date and binding version of the rules should be downloaded from the American Health Lawyers Association's website.

The Rules of Procedure for Arbitration, Mediation, or Arbitration/Mediation that will be binding on the parties and the resolver will be the version of the rules available from the website on the effective date of the ADR Request for Arbitration/Mediation Dispute Resolver List form.

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