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The Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law (Journal) is a free benefit for AHLA members. The Journal is dedicated to bringing you critical practical information that will help you advise your clients in the ever-changing world of health and life sciences law. The Journal's editorial board, veteran members of the profession from the ranks of private practitioners, law school professors, and in house counsel, review all articles and assist in developing topics that they view as critical. 

Members can access issues of the Journal back through October 2008 at To browse from your desktop, click the "back issues" tab on the left of every issue. To search, select the "search" tab. Our interactive online format also allows readers to click through citations to access additional resources.

What’s New in the June issue? 
Challenging “Experimental” Treatment
A health plan’s determination that a medical treatment is experimental or investigational can have significant consequences for both the health care provider and the patient. Jennifer Rudenick Ecklund and Andrew Cookingham provide practical advice on effectively challenging experimental or investigational denials—or pursuing litigation or arbitration. Read More
Specialty Pharmaceuticals: To White-Bag or Buy-and-Bill?
The field of specialty pharmaceuticals has seen tremendous growth in recent years as pharmaceutical companies have brought to market more drugs and biologics designed to treat complex, chronic, and acute conditions. Kathryn S. Burnett helps physicians and their counsel choose how to best provide specialty pharmaceuticals in-office and provides guidance on trends and issues for other buyers of these medications. Read More
Matters of Conscience
Over the last 40 years, health care providers’ legal privilege to refuse to provide certain care has dramatically expanded due to a proliferation of “conscience clause” legislation across the country. Pamela H. Del Negro and Stephen W. Aronson provide an overview of this legislation in all 50 states and discuss practical considerations for drafting a conscience clause policy that balances employee rights and the provision of timely patient care. Read More
Medicaid: Establishing New Roles
What options do providers have left for challenging Medicaid underpayment in the wake of Armstrong v. Exceptional Child Care Center? What are the emerging roles of the states, Congress, and CMS? Michael Cook and Tom Mayo share their Brief Insights. Read More
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