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Health Care Compliance


​AHLA has extensive resources on all aspects of health care compliance, which offer both a foundation for understanding the complex regulatory environment and for staying abreast of new and evolving requirements. The resources compiled in this collection include a sample of some of our most recent offerings in this area. 

*Access to these resources is restricted to AHLA members.

AHLA Publications and Resources

Compliance Corner (Connections Magazine)

Conflicts of Interest Evaluation Using a Risk-based Assessment Tool, David Parks (March 2019).

Building an Effective Compliance Program with Limited Resources, Marti Arvin (February 2019).

The Intersection of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management: Similarities, Differences, and Opportunities, Cyndi Baily (January 2019).

What Is and What Isn’t an FDR?, Marcie Swenson and Amanda Eccles-Jex (December 2018).

Policy and Procedure Best Practices, Melissa Borrelli (November 2018).

Effective Compliance Programs Require Physician Participation, Don Sinko (October 2018).

Future Proofing Your Compliance Program, Rebekah Latchis (September 2018).

In-House Counsel and Compliance Officer— A Dual Role?, Elizabeth Staple (August 2018).

Research Compliance—Why It Should Be Part of the Corporate Compliance Program, Leah Guidry (July 2018).

Framework and Methodology: Advanced Risk Assessment Design, Marcie Swenson (June 2018).

Internal Investigation of Drug Diversion: An Advanced Compliance Topic, Heidi Crosby and Cynthia Wisner (January/February 2018).

A Changing Landscape for Privacy Compliance and Care Coordination, Julia Weisner (December 2017)

Developing Effective Lines of Communication in Health Care Compliance, Marla Berkow (November 2017).

Accreditation and Compliance: How Do They Fit Together?, Fran Carroll (October 2017).

Best Practices for Building an Effective Compliance Training Program,  Aletheia Lawry (September 2017).

Planning for Success—Managing a Compliance Audit Plan, Jennifer Edlind (August 2017).

Embracing Quality as an Integral Aspect of Health Care Compliance, Julia Weisner (July 2017).

Where Compliance Ends, Legal Begins, and the In Between, Lisa I. Wojeck (June 2017).

Beyond the 7 Program Elements—Ensuring a Sound and Vibrant Compliance Program, Leah Guidry (May 2017).

In the Trenches: Practical Pointers for Compliance Professionals, Leah A. Voigt (April 2017).

AHLA Articles

DOJ Revises “Yates Memorandum” on Individual Accountability, Michael W. Peregrine and Katherine A. Lauer (December 2018)
#MeToo and Medical Staffs: Best Practices for Handling Allegations of Physician Sexual Misconduct, Alexis L. Angell, and Mercedes Varasteh Dordeski (October 2018)

Practice Group Articles

*Access is restricted to members of the AHLA Practice Groups listed after each article or resource.

An Extreme Example of the Importance of Payer Contracting, Stephen Bittinger, Business Law and Governance Practice Group (March 2019)

Using Information Security Agreements to Manage Privacyand Data Security Risks in Vendor Relationships, Alex Davenport Shelley Thomas, Health Information and Technology Practice Group (October 2018)

Benefits of Planned RecordsManagement, Cindy Wisner, Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group (October 2018)

Direct-to-Employer Wellness Programs: Promising but Complex, Paul A. Gomez and Anthony H. Choe, Labor and Employment, Health Information and Technology, and Payers, Plans, and Managed Care Practice Groups (May 2018)

Common Compliance Pitfalls Involving Real Estate Lease Arrangements with ReferralSources, Goran Musinovic and Gregory P. Gheen, Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group (April 2018).

Discovery Pertaining to the Authenticity and Integrity of Electronic Medical Recordsand Its Impact in Medical Malpractice Cases, Stephen P. Smith, Health Care Liability and Litigation Practice Group (March 2018)

Navigating the Regulatory Maze in Hospital-Supplier“Stock and Bill” Arrangements, Jason B. Caron and Monica Wallace, Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment and Fraud and Abuse Practice Groups (February 2018)

State Health Care Fraud Law: An AHLA 50-State Survey with Summaries and Links, Fraud and Abuse Group (September 2018)

Anti-Kickback Statute Toolkit, Fraud and Abuse Practice Group (April 2018).

Clinical Trials Agreement Toolkit, Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals, Life Sciences, and Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Groups (March 2016).

Health Care Real Estate Lease Toolkit, Fraud and Abuse, Hospitals and Health Systems, Business Law and Governance, and In-House Counsel Practice Groups (February 2016).



Program Papers and Other Resources

Legal and Compliance Issues Relating to Medical Coding, Kimberly A. Lammers, Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues (March 2018)

Administrative Enforcement Tools, Judith A. Waltz, Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues (March 2018)

Minimizing Liability for Business Associate Misconduct, Kim C. Stanger, Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute (February 2018)

Hot Topics in EMTALA: Screening and Triaging Emergency Room Challenges, Emily Black Grey, Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute (February 2018)

Building a Compliant and Resilient 340B Program in the Midst of Regulatory Uncertainty, Donald P. Walker and Richard P. Church, Legal Issues Affecting Academic Medical Centers and Other Teaching Institutions (January 2018)

Provider-Based Status under Siege: Do the Benefits Justify the Costs of Compliance, Andrew Ruskin, Fraud and Compliance Forum (October 2017)

Common Fraud and Abuse and Other Legal Issues in Health Care Due Diligence, Tony Maida, Fraud and Compliance Forum (October 2017)

Health Care Compliance: Sample Forms and Policies (2016)

​Call for Resources

AHLA is interested in expanding its health care compliance hub. Please email suggestions for compliance resources to add or proposals for developing new resources in this area to Bianca Bishop at

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Health Care Compliance Legal Issues Manual

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​Public Resources

  • Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG), Advisory Opinions
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