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​AHLA has extensive resources on all aspects of health care compliance, which offer both a foundation for understanding the complex regulatory environment and for staying abreast of new and evolving requirements. The resources compiled in this collection include a sample of some of our most recent offerings in this area from our educational programs and numerous publications.

AHLA Resources

July 2016 - Beware: The Road Signals Are Showing a Green Light for Increased Future Oversight and Enforcement of Medicaid Managed Care Fraud, Jacqueline C. Baratian and Melissa J. Hulke (*access restricted to AHLA members).

May 2016 - Searching for Bigfoot on the Front Lines: Strategies to Transforming Faculty Compensation in an Accountable Care World, Almeta E. Cooper and Dawn R. Crumel (*access restricted to AHLA members)

May 2016 - Increased Enforcement of Limitations on Upper Payment Limit Payments, Jordan Kearney (*access restricted to AHLA members)

April 2016 - CMS Finalizes New Medicare Overpayment Rules: New Regulations Create Additional Burdens for Providers, and Noncompliance Can Give Rise to "Reverse False Claim" Liability, Caroline Brown, Sarah Franklin, Michael Maya, and Philp Peisch (*access restricted to AHLA members)

April 2016 - Anti-Kickback Statute Toolkit, Sponsored by the Fraud and Abuse Practice Group (*access restricted to sponsoring PG members)

March 2016 - Clinical Trials Agreement Toolkit, Sponsored by Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals, Life Sciences, and Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Groups (*access restricted to sponsoring PG members)

February 2016 - Health Care Real Estate Lease Toolkit, Sponsored by the Fraud and Abuse, Hospitals and Health Systems, Business Law and Governance, and In-House Counsel Practice Groups (*access restricted to sponsoring PG members

February 2016 - A Guide to Setting 2016 Fraud and Abuse Resolutions (Based on Developments and Lessons Learned in 2015), Danielle Sloane, Lauren Gaffney, and Richard Eiler (*access restricted to AHLA members)

December 2015 - March 2016 - Advanced Compliance Education Webinar Series--On Demand Recording(available for purchase)

Novmeber 2015 - Introduction to the False Claims Act: The Government's Favorite Fraud Fighting Weapon, Michael E. Paulhus, Jennifer S. Lewin, and Ramsey B. Prather

September 2015 - 2015 Health Care Compliance Resource Guide, multiple authors

September 2015 - Federal Health Care Program Anti-Kickback Statute, David Matyas and Martha J. Talley

September 2015 - The Push and Pull of Legal Compliance: The Odd Couple, Julie Chicoine and Anthea R. Daniels

September 2015 - Corporate Integrity Agreements: Relevance and Lessons for Compliance, Michael Lampert, Tom O'Neil, and Wes Porter

September 2015 - Mergers and Acquisitions in Healthcare on the Rise: Legal and Compliance Issues, Joel Dziengielewski and Margaret J. Davino

September 2015 - ICD-10: How to Assess Compliance and Perform Audits Now That It Is Here, Danette L. Slevinski

June 2015 - Compensation-Focused Compliance: Is Your Physician Compensation Governance Process Ready for Shifts in Stark Law Enforcement, Joseph N. Wolfe and Alex T. Krouse

March 2015 - Fraud and Abuse Primer for the New Healthcare World, Troy A. Barsky, Joseph Records, and Stephanie Willis

March 2015 - The Risky Business of Co-Location Arrangements: What Hospitals and Other Providers Should Know, Emily W.G. Towey and Colin P. McCarthy

January 2015 - Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Checklist

December 2014 - From Carrot to Stick?: Use of Self-Audits as Evidence Against Health Care Entities in False Claims Act Cases, Paul B. Murphy and Amelia R. Medina

Public Resources

Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG), Advisory Opinions

OIG, Compliance Program Guidance for the Health Care Industry

OIG, Special Fraud Alerts, Bulletins, and Other Guidance

OIG, Self-Disclosure Information

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Physician Self-Referral

​This collection of sample forms, checklists, and policies is designed to provide health care compliance professionals with an array of sample tools to assist them in developing the contracts, forms, and policies that they need to serve their clients. 

Advanced Compliance Education Webinar Series  

Available On Demand! Don't miss our series of advanced webinar-based panel recordings delving into complex substantive and practical issues that health care companies face in conducting an effective compliance program. Sessions are tailored to be industry-specific to allow a detailed examination of the issues that impact how compliance programs operate in different health care sectors.

Part I: Advanced Issues in Pharmaceutical
Manufacturer Compliance Programs​

Part II: Compliance for Academic Medical Centeers

Part III: Compliance for Medical Device Manufacturers 

Part IV: Compliance for Clinical Laboratories

Part V: Compliance for Hospitals and Health Systems 

Part VI: Compliance for Medicare Advantage Plans​ 

Part VII: Compliance for Ambulatory Surgery Centers 

Part VIII: Compliance for Physician Practices 

Part IX: Compliance for Long Term Care Facilities

Part X: Compliance for Home Health
and Hospice Companies​

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