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Frequently asked questions about the Dispute Resolution Service



What are the duties and responsibilities of the Dispute Resolution Service staff?
Does the Dispute Resolution Service operate independently from other AHLA functions?
How do I obtain information about a case?
Must parties and neutrals use the Electronic Case Management System?
What happens if a respondent chooses not to participate in arbitration?
If I believe all or part of a claim does not belong in arbitration, what should I do?
What happens if a Respondent files an action in court to stay or dismiss the arbitration, or if the parties agree to suspend the arbitration?
Will AHLA enforce an agreement to mediate?
Can I see the whole AHLA roster of neutrals?
What happens when a contract calls for arbitration under the rules of the National Health Lawyers Association?
May I appear at an arbitration hearing in a state in which I am not admitted to practice law?
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