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Writer Guidelines for AHLA Connections Magazine

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AHLA Connections is a 48-64 page four-color magazine, published monthly by the American Health Lawyers Association as a benefit to its members. The following editorial guidelines will help you prepare your submissions. For more information on submitting articles for publication in AHLA Connections, please contact our Editorial staff.  


Types of Articles


Member Forum
The Member Forum is written by various members of AHLA to provide additional avenues for participation from a diverse cross-section of the membership; enable members to communicate and network with one another; and offer a new and different perspective on health law issues of interest to many of the Association’s members.
(1,000  - 2,000 words)

Feature articles provide members with relevant and informative articles on current events, trends in the legal or healthcare industry, the practice of law, etc. Feature articles are typically written by those members enrolled in Practice Groups, and focus on a substantitive area of the law, and can be in the form of an analysis, question and answer, interview, general overview, or update on a specific topic or issue. (2,500 to 2,700 words)

Health Law Analysis
A Health Law Analysis is an in-depth discussion of some issue in health law that will have an impact on members’ practices – e.g., legislation or regulations, precedential court rulings, significant trends in health law.  The author should have expertise in the area that he or she is writing about, but the Analysis should not reflect that individual writer’s position of advocacy. Rather, the article should be an educational tool that looks at issues under discussion from various parties’ perspectives, avoiding partisan phrases or positions. The Analysis should be well-written, clear, concise, following Bluebook style, and should include an appropriate introduction and conclusion. For more information about Analysis submission and selection guidelines, please email Bianca Bishop.
(3,000 to 3,200 words)

Spotlight on Members
The “Spotlight on Members” section of AHLA Connections is designed to enable members to announce promotions, job changes, designations, or awards achieved. The "Spotlight" listing also includes a photo. Email your "Spotlight" update along with a high-resolution photo to

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor are welcomed and encouraged as a way to enhance dialogue between AHLA Connections and its readers. Letters to the Editor should be no longer than 250 words in length. If those seeking to respond would like to do so in the form of an article, he or she may submit it for consideration to the Editors, and the proposed article will be considered on a space-available basisWhenever possible, please link your letter to a recent article published in AHLA Connections. 

When articles are drafted by members of AHLA, the views are those of the authors and do not represent the position of the Association or a sponsoring Practice Group. AHLA is a non-partisan educational organization that does not take positions on public policy issues and instead provides a forum for an informed exchange of views. AHLA invites those with opposing views to submit letters or articles, which will be reviewed, published and edited on a space available basis.


AHLA Connections articles adhere to the Bluebook and the Chicago Manual of Style. AHLA Connections style guidelines ensure its articles are uniform and accurate. Please refer to the following guidelines: 

  1. When you refer to an association, corporation, or business for the first time, use its full name, followed by its acronym in parentheses, and include the city and state in which the association in headquartered. 
  2. Capitalize titles when they precede a person’s name, but use lowercase if the title follows their name. Verify that all names and titles are complete and accurate.
  3. Include a lead sentence or introductory paragraph that compels your audience to read the article. Make your conclusion a summary of your article.
  4. Spell out numbers one through one hundred, from 101 on use Arabic numerals.
  5. Paragraphs are composed of two or more sentences that develop a single idea. No paragraph should be longer than half a page.
  6. Use the serial comma, e.g. (red, white, and blue).
  7. Use endnotes whenever necessary.
  8. Include an author biography and firm affiliation at the end of your article.
  9. Avoid advocacy and try to present both sides of any issue.


Copy must be accurate. AHLA does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of quotes, facts, figures, citations, or names in submitted copy. Before submitting material, verify the spelling of names, titles, agencies, and institutions.


In order to provide the art director with time to develop appropriate graphics and cover art, it would be best to contact AHLA Connections staff by the first of the month two months prior to the desired month that the article(s) is to appear in the magazine with a working title(s).

Document Set-Up

Please do not include any automatic formatting, such as tabs or spacing to set off indented text, soft returns, double spaces between sentences, bold face or italic within text. Save as Rich Text Format (RTF) with 1” (inch) margins on all sides of the document.


Contributions should be sent either on disk or by email and should be saved in Rich Text Format (RTF). Send articles to AHLA Connections, 1620 Eye Street NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20006-4010 or email

Editorial Policies

Headlines may be rewritten by the publisher in consultation with the feature’s coordinator. Your writing style is your own, and we make every attempt to preserve it as we prepare your manuscript for publication.

Copyright and Permissions

Authors whose material appears in AHLA Connections will be asked to sign a copyright license agreement. The author, as the holder of the copyright (or authorized person if the law firm retains the copyright), grants the American Health Lawyers Association a royalty-free nonexclusive license to publish the article(s) in the AHLA Connections magazine. The copyright license gives AHLA the right and license to reproduce, distribute, sell, and advertise the work in the following media: print, disk, CD-ROM, and other electronic media. Authors certify that the work does not infringe on or otherwise conflict with the rights of another and holds AHLA harmless and indemnifies it from any liability for such infringement. A copy of the license is included for reference.

For more information on submitting articles (Analysis, Feature, Member Forum) to AHLA Connections, please contact AHLA Connections, 1620 Eye Street NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20006-4010.


To view the official AHLA Publications Guidelines for Authors click here.

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