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​Time to Get Involved in AHLA!​

Getting involved in AHLA is easier than you think. We have numerous opportunities for involvement; some take a few hours a month, others require a longer time commitment, but can produce big results for your career and for the health law community.

See our available opportunities listed below to find the opportunities that best fit your schedule, including project-based, short- and long-term, and leadership opportunities. This webpage is updated regularly so check back regularly for new opportunities. 

Available Opportunities

Volunteer to get involved. There is a range of activities, projects, and events to choose from. If you are a young professional, your participation is encouraged. 
Submission Deadline: Ongoing​ 
Business Law and Governance Practice Group (BLG PG) Seeking Volunteers
Here is your chance to get involved! The BLG PG needs volunteers to help with the following projects:
  • Preparation of email alerts for breaking news of interest to BLG PG members
  • Checklists for post-affiliation integration matters
  • Authoring an article on government changes and their effects on health care transaction trends
  • Selection of monthly educational member benefit call topics and identification of speakers
If none of the above interests you, please tell us what does! We appreciate the time and support of all of our members. Contact the PG’s Vice Chair of Membership, Glenn Prives, if you are interested in volunteering.

Real Estate Affinity Group Calling for Volunteers 
If you are enrolled in the Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group and are interested in helping to advance the understanding of the unique issues hospitals and health systems face in the development, leasing, operation, and management of their real estate, you should consider joining the Real Estate Affinity Group. The Affinity Group provides useful and usable real estate and leasing compliance tools for its members as well as a forum for education and collaboration. If you are interested in getting more involved with the Affinity Group, i.e., leading a presentation or submitting an article focusing on a particular real estate topic, or merely wish to recommend a topic or area of interest, please contact the Membership Vice Chair Sandi Krul.
AHLA Mentoring Program​ (available on the AHLA Communities)
Become a mentor or find a mentor! AHLA's Mentoring Program is available to all members on the AHLA Communities​​ (uses same login and password as our website). Update your profile today and get started!
Submission Deadline
Submission Deadline: Ongoing​​​​​​​

Call for LeadersClosed

If you are currently serving in a leadership position in a Practice or Affinity Group, Task Force, Committee or Council, and you are eligible and interested in being reappointed, you did not need to complete the Leadership application. If you are not interested in being reappointed, please let us know.

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2017 for porgram year 2017-2018 (July 2017-June 2018 term). 
Notification of AppointmentsAnnouncements about the new leadership appointments will be made in April 2017.
Please note: Service on Program Planning Committees are tied to the timing of the program, so while appointments may be made by April 2017, it is possible that the term would not begin until 6-9 months prior to the program.


Call for Authors

Read AHLA's Publications Guidelines for Authors.

AHLA Weekly
Contact Bianca Bishop to discuss proposals in the following topical areas:

  • Mandatory bundled payment models
  • Cybersecurity: Legal Issues
  • Behavioral Health
  • Telemedicine/mobile health

AHLA Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law  

To propose an article analyzing a discrete legal issue with practical implications for intermediate-to-advanced health lawyers, email ​ 

​Call for Public Interest Topics
The Public Interest Committee accepts topic proposals throughout the year. Submit your topic here.

 Thanks to our volunteers!

RAVES: Recognizing AHLA Volunteer Engagement and Success.
Read the list of leaders, authors, speakers, and others who contributed to AHLA this past year. 
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