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Cases in Lower Courts Addressing Issues Other Than the Individual Mandate: Coons v. Geithner


B.  Coons v. Geithner, Docket 2:10-CV-1714 (D-AZ) 
         (challenging the constitutionality of the Independent Payment Advisory Board created by ACA 
         and the individual mandate)

         1.  District court complaint (filed 8/12/10).

         2.  Summary judgment briefs

             a.  Coons, et al. brief in support of summary judgment (filed 6/20/11).

             b.  Geithner, et al. brief in opposition to plaintiff and cross-motion for summary judgment (filed 8/10/11).

             c. Coons, et al. reply brief (filed 8/29/11).

             d.  Geithner, et al. reply brief (filed 9/12/11).

         3.  Stay order (issued 1/17/12).

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