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Alaska Healthcare Legislation Update


Email Alert

January 21, 2010

By Mark Andrews*

The following are pre-filed bills relating to health issues in the Alaska Legislature for the 2010 session. The session itself has not begun yet, so there is no further action beyond the filing itself.

Legislation Impacting Health Insurance Coverage

HJR 35: Proposing amendments to the Alaska Constitution prohibiting passage of laws that interfere with direct payments for healthcare services and the right to purchase healthcare insurance from a privately owned company, and that compel a person to participate in a healthcare system.

HB 270, HB 286: Amending the eligibility threshold for medical assistance for persons in a medical or intermediate care facility.

HB 284, SB 215: Requiring the Department of Health and Social Services to accept federal prescription drug benefits or to provide comparable benefits for residents of the Alaska Pioneers' Home.

SB 204: Relating to state employee health plans that give employees the option to select a federally qualified, high-deductible health plan, and requiring employees who select that plan to establish a health savings account.

Legislation Impacting Access to Care

HB 260: Relating to preventive care and disease management services for medical assistance recipients.

HB 282: Relating to naturopaths and to the practice of naturopathy; establishing an Alaska Naturopathic Medical Board; authorizing medical assistance program coverage of naturopathic services; amending the definition of "practice of medicine"; and providing for an effective date.

SB 197: Allowing pharmacists the right to refuse to refer, recommend, or dispense emergency contraceptives; providing immunity to a pharmacy for civil liability for a pharmacist's refusal to refer, recommend, or dispense emergency contraceptives; and prohibiting discrimination in employment against a pharmacist who refuses to refer, recommend, or dispense emergency contraceptives.

*We would like to thank Mark Andrews, Esquire (Fairbanks, AK), for providing this email alert.

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