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Emergency Preparedeness Toolkit

I. Emergency Preparedness Legal Authority


  1. HHS Public Health Emergency Authorities
  2. Stafford Act
  3. 1135 Waiver Overview
  4. FEMA Disaster Relief
  5. Federal Emergency Preparedness Resources
II. Sample Determinations of Public Health Emergency


  1. HHS Determination of Public Health Emergency, 8-31-05
  2. HHS 1135 Waiver, 9-1-05
  3. Letter from Congress to HHS Secretary, 9-6-05
  4. HHS Waiver 1135, 9-7-05
  5. HHS Determination of Public Health Emergency, 9-7-05
  6. Emergency Health Care Relief Act 2005
  7. HHS Determination of Public Health Emergency, 9-23-05
  8. HHS Determination of Public Health Emergency, 4-26-09
  9. Texas Public Health Emergency, 4-29-09


  1. EMTALA Waiver Toolkit


  1. HIPAA Waiver Toolkit
  2. 2005 HHS Hurricane Katrina Bulletin
  3. 2005 HHS Hurricane Katrina Bulletin No. 2
V. EMAC and Mutual Aid Agreements


  1. EMAC Overview
  2. FEMA Disaster Assistance Policy 9523.6
  3. DCHA Mutual Aid Memorandum of Understanding
  4. PACER Model Agreement
  5. Model Hospital Mutual Aid Memorandum of Understanding
  6. Regional Medical Evacuation and Patient Tracking Mutual Aid Plan
  7. Form Mutual Aid Agreement



  1. Web Resources
  2. Form RHIO Agreement

VII. Advance Directive Planning


  1. Advance Directive Planning
  2. Care Connections State Specific Advance Directives
  3. New York Online Access to Health - Advance Directives by State
  4. State of Oregon Advance Directive
  5. State of Ohio Advance Directive
  6. California Hospital Association Advance Directive
  7. DC Bar DCHA Advance Directive

VIII. Certification


  1. Credentialing and Accreditation Outline
  2. Comparison of Joint Commission and HFAP Emergency-related Standards for Hospitals
  3. Certification of Healthcare Providers
  4. Disaster Privileges

VIX. Licensure


  1. Physician Licensure Issues During Public Health Emergencies
  2. Licensure Issues in the Event of a Disaster or Emergency
  3. Louisiana Declaration Public Health Emergency - Licensure 9-2-05
  4. Louisiana Declaration Public Health Emergency - Licensure 9-12-05
  5. Louisiana Declaration Public Health Emergency - Licensure 9-23-05
  6. Louisiana Declaration Public Health Emergency - Licensure 10-25-05
  7. Emergency Credentialing of Nurses
  8. Louisiana Licensure Verification

X. Volunteers


  1. Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals
  2. Medical Reserve Corps
  3. Terms of Service for the Disaster Healthcare Volunteers in California
  4. Legal and Regulatory Issues Concerning Volunteer Health Professionals
  5. Louisiana Physician Volunteers

XI. Standard of Care


  1. Standard of Care and Liability Across State Lines

XII. Quarantine


  1. Quarantine Law Summary
  2. Quarantine and Isolation Law

XIII. Employment


  1. Collective Bargaining Agreement Sample Language
  2. Model Self-Identification Form
  3. Emergency Closing Policy
  4. Model Telecommuting Policy
  5. Model Communicable Illness Policy
  6. Model Communicable Illness Policy 2
  7. Model Pandemic Flu Policy
  8. Red Cross Disaster Supply Kit List
  9. Web Resources on Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

XIV. Reimbursement


  1. Web Resources for Federal Reimbursement
  2. CRS Report for Congress - Hurricane Katrina Medicaid Issues 9-15-05
  3. Medicaid Fact Sheet - CMS Emergency Steps for Katrina Evacuees
  4. Katrina Reimbursement Issues
  5. Louisiana - Suspension of Certain Statutes and Regulations Regarding Health Insurance
  6. Texas Hospital Association CMS - Waiver and Medicaid Enrollment 9-6-05



  1. When Disaster Strikes a Residency Program (Article on Emergency GME Funding)



  1. Web Resources

XVII. Checklists


  1. Operational Issues Checklist
  2. Summary of Hurricane Katrina Issues
  3. Evacuation Considerations


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