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Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group Mid-Year Luncheon


Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group
Mid-Year Luncheon

At Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues
March 22-24, 2006
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Baltimore, MD

Luncheon: Wednesday, March 22, 2006
* Sponsored by Wellspring Partners and Wellspring Valuation

Speaker: Charles N. (Chip) Kahn III, President of the Federation of American Hospitals, Washington, DC

Title: Pay for Performance: New Reality or Fad?

Description: In the January/February issue of Health Affairs, Chip Kahn says that Medicare hospital performance data -- reported by hospitals on pain of losing a portion of their annual inpatient payment update -- show that urban hospitals are better at treating heart attack and heart failure but rural hospitals do better at treating pneumonia. Medicare's hospital "pay for reporting" is widely viewed as a way station to "pay for performance" (P4P), but Kahn calls for more research comparing the quality effects of reporting requirements and P4P, and he warns that a poorly done P4P program risks promoting improvement efforts that focus narrowly on the areas being measured at the expense of overall quality.

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