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Now More Than Ever, You Need the Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group


Why should you join the Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group (RAP PG)? Well, besides the obvious "cool" factor that our "RAP" name provides, our PG is an indispensable tool in the new era of healthcare reform and increased fraud enforcement.
Here are just a couple of reasons why:

  • Assuming that healthcare reform survives Supreme Court scrutiny, it has many short-term and long-term reimbursement effects, including bundled payment systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and value-based purchasing. We have already seen the finalizing of the hospital inpatient value-based purchasing rule, and the hottest current topic in the healthcare community is the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS') recently proposed rule on ACOs. The developments will multiply exponentially as we go forward. There's even a new center within CMS, the Center for Innovation, which is charged with redesigning reimbursement systems across all categories of providers and suppliers. The RAP PG will help you track and understand these developments as they unfold in the upcoming years and affect your clients' bottom lines. 

  • If the Supreme Court reverses health care reform in whole or in part, the challenges facing providers and their representatives are legion.

  • In an era of increased fraud enforcement, a legion of government contractors, including Recovery Audit Contractors, Zone Program Integrity Contractors, and Medicaid Integrity Contractors, is conducting aggressive enforcement activities against your clients' billing and reimbursement practices. Understanding how Medicare reimbursement works, which is the mission of the RAP PG, is critical to representing your healthcare clients effectively and defending against these audits.

The RAP PG offers a wide variety of resources to its members to keep pace with complex reimbursement rules and rapidly evolving developments, including:

(1) email alerts regarding important legislative, regulatory, judicial, and administrative developments; (2) periodic newsletters that provide a more in-depth look on selected reimbursement topics; (3) special member briefings, such as our recently completed overview of the historic healthcare reform legislation; and (4) "toolkits" and tutorials that tackle such intensive topics as Medicare provider-based status, Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, and Medicare claims appeals. We also recently hosted a free roundtable discussion for our members that provided an opportunity to recap the hottest topics from the 2011 Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues and to discuss some of the biggest follow-up questions. We're always looking for new ways to showcase the substantive depth that our group has to offer.

**And, the new Accreditation, Certification and Enrollment Affinity Group (ACE) is available exclusively for Rap PG Members!**

So don't get left behind in this crucial regulatory arena. Join the RAP PG today!


Kenneth Marcus
Vice Chair of Membership, RAP PG

Ready to join the RAP PG?
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