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Affinity Groups

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Affinity Groups are created to facilitate networking opportunities with other members who share similar professional interests. There are 20 Affinity Groups, sponsored by a number of Practice Groups, that address a variety of different topics—you are bound to find one that fits your practice!

Enrollment in an Affinity Group

When you are a member of the sponsoring Practice Group, or a government, academic, or student member, or have paid for all-Practice Groups access, you are eligible to enroll in an Affinity Group. You will remain a member as long as you are a member of its sponsoring Practice Group.

To enroll in an Affinity Group (or if you are not a member of the sponsoring Practice Group and would like to join it now), please contact the Member Satisfaction Center at or (202) 833-1100, #2 or complete and return the enrollment form.

Academic Medical Centers and Teaching HospitalsPG

Children's Health

The Children’s Health Affinity Group (CHAG) is designed for those members who work with or for a health care institution dedicated to children's health care needs. CHAG explores medico-legal issues that are unique to providing health care to children such as consent, State Children's Health Insurance Programs, Medicaid, and other government program funding, guardianship, and state protective services agencies. Additionally, CHAG covers issues impacting children's academic medical centers including research and graduate medical education matters. Learn More

Business Law and Governance Practice Group PG


Governance issues continue to dominate the agenda of federal and state legislators as well as regulators. Additionally, courts routinely render opinions on matters impacting good governance policies, as well as fiduciary duties of directors and senior officers of corporations. The Governance Affinity Group follows developments and educates AHLA members on governance issues, both for the for-profit and nonprofit health care sector. The Affinity Group allows greater opportunities for networking and encourages exchanges of views on governance issues. Learn More


The Transactions Affinity Group highlights the structural, corporate, securities, regulatory, tax, and accounting issues implicated in a variety of transactions with an emphasis on features that are unique to deals in the health care industry. The Transactions Affinity Group focuses on developments in deals prevalent in the health care industry, from hospital acquisitions and divestitures, to consolidations in the pharmaceutical and commercial payer industries, to joint ventures and other arrangements between and among the service providers, biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies, and payers. The Affinity Group covers case law developments highlighting decisions that will shape the way transactions are structured and consummated, follows developments in financing and capitalizing for‐profit and nonprofit providers, and highlights other legal matters that impact health care transactions. Learn More

Health Information and Technology Practice GroupPG

Digital Health Affinity Group

The Digital Health Affinity Group addresses both ongoing and emerging legal and policy issues related to digital technologies in health care, as well as the health information data that is generated or used by those forms of technology. Learn More

Privacy and Cybersecurity Risk, Compliance and Enforcement

The Privacy and Cybersecurity Risk, Compliance and Enforcement Affinity Group provides health data risk management, privacy, and security knowledge exchange focused on HIPAA along with other federal and state privacy laws, audit and enforcement actions, cybersecurity best practices, and other developments in this field. Learn More

Tech Licensing and Intellectual Property

The Tech Licensing and Intellectual Property Affinity Group addresses technology and data licensing issues, contracting considerations and techniques, and intellectual property issues related to health information technology and data. With the expanding use of technology in health care settings and the focus on health care data as a source of valuable information, this Affinity Group aims to support attorneys and other staff in understanding the complex issues associated with utilizing appropriate licensure provisions to protect data from misuse, protecting intellectual property rights that may reside within data or other knowledge assets of a health care company, and ensuring that technology systems which maintain PHI and other sensitive information offer adequate safeguards to maintain the confidentiality of the health care company’s proprietary information. Learn More

Health Care Liability and Litigation Practice GroupPG

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Affinity Group provides a forum to network and educate members regarding legal developments and best practices in addressing conflicts within the health care system. The ADR Affinity Group assists members who participate in arbitration, mediation, and peer review hearings as an advocate and/or as a neutral as well as those who assist health care organizations in managing internal conflicts and preventing litigation. Learn More

Hospitals and Health Systems Practice GroupPG

Fair Market Value

The Fair Market Value (FMV) Affinity Group provides a forum for dialogue and peer education regarding regulatory requirements for FMV and commercial reasonableness. The FMV Affinity Group fosters development of content for those seeking a better understanding of the regulatory and valuation issues that impact determinations of FMV and commercial reasonableness for compensation of providers, including health systems, hospitals, medical groups, and physicians. The FMV Affinity Group strives to promote a national dialogue regarding regulatory and valuation issues. Learn More

Public Health System

The Public Health System (PHS) Affinity Group provides a forum for members to gain an enhanced appreciation and understanding of the unique challenges facing public hospitals and health systems. The PHS Affinity Group accomplishes its goals through educational and networking activities designed to facilitate the Affinity Group members' exchange of ideas, strategies, and best practices to solve such challenges. Learn More

Real Estate

The Real Estate Affinity Group is committed to advancing the understanding of the unique issues hospitals and health systems face in the development, leasing, operation, and management of their real estate. Learn More

In-House Counsel Practice GroupPG

Children's Health

The Children’s Health Affinity Group (CHAG) is designed for those members from both in-house legal departments and law firms who represent children’s hospitals and pediatric providers. CHAG provides opportunities for networking and education (through publications and presentations) focused on the many diverse legal issues that affect children’s hospitals (biomedical research, corporate, ethics, funding, etc.). CHAG programming includes discussion of timely and emerging issues and attempts to include a variety of perspectives, including where appropriate those of clinical and operations leaders. Learn More

Labor and Employment Practice GroupPG


The Immigration Affinity Group is dedicated to disseminating information on employment immigration topics including: specific requirements for hiring foreign physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals; compliance with all employment eligibility verification obligations pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act (Form I‐9 requirements, mandatory and voluntary use of E‐verify, and government audits); mergers and acquisition due diligence (proper transfer of all visas, potential liability from acquiring employees who are not work‐authorized); issues that arise when treating immigrant patients including eligibility for public benefits and the obligations of hospitals to treat illegally present patients, and immigration strategies for health care organizations wishing to pursue “medical tourists”; and updates regarding immigration legislation and executive branch actions, such as executive orders and changes in immigration regulations and policy, and the impact of such developments on health care sector employers and providers. Learn More

Life Sciences Practice GroupPG

FDA Regulatory

The FDA Affinity Group addresses marketing approval process, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies, direct-to-consumer advertising, off-label issues, preemption (labeling), good manufacturing practices, product diversion, anti-counterfeiting, and prescription drug importation. Learn More

Research and Development

The Research and Development Affinity Group addresses institutional review board issues, informed consent, clinical research organization issues, and Medicare/third-party payer coverage for clinical trials. Learn More

Post-Acute and Long Term Care ServicesPG

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Affinity Group provides a forum to network and educate members regarding legal developments and best practices in addressing conflicts within the health care system. The ADR Affinity Group assists members who participate in arbitration, mediation, and peer review hearings as an advocate and/or as a neutral as well as those who assist health care organizations in managing internal conflicts and preventing litigation. Learn More

Medical Staff, Credentialing, and Peer Review Practice GroupPG


Share on: The Physician/Attorney Affinity Group is a natural forum to provide a platform for attorneys who have also been trained in medicine. The Affinity Group’s goal is to contribute to the diversity of AHLA in both our medical and legal backgrounds. Physician-attorneys can provide insight to current health care delivery issues, but also be a springboard for new partnerships heretofore unformed or recognized. With diversity within our own ranks, physician-attorneys can flush out new and past issues and provide new resources for AHLA, its membership, and beyond. Issues such as sharing medical errors with patients and their families, treatment of impaired physicians and issues of scope of care can all be colored by input from both physicians and attorneys. Both physicians and attorneys play a dynamic role in the health care system in the United States. A combination of these two professions can lead to novel and interesting concepts and discussions and push health care in a positive direction. The Physician/Attorney Affinity Group is the perfect home for physicians who also have a foot in the legal realm as well as attorneys who have questions of those who practice medicine. Learn More

Payers, Plans, and Managed Care Practice GroupPG

Health Plan

The Health Plan Affinity Group focuses on providing, obtaining, and facilitating information exchange and best practices among lawyers who represent health plans or who work at health plans, and focuses on the unique issues these lawyers face. In facilitating networking opportunities and focusing on health plan issues among such professionals, this Affinity Group has the goal of growing the membership of health plan lawyers within AHLA. Learn More

Managed Care Contracting

The Managed Care Contracting Affinity Group focuses on issues related to contracts involving managed care organizations. The Affinity Group addresses areas of particular concern to any entity that enters into managed care contracts, including all types of managed care organizations, payers, and providers. These areas of concern include preparation of model contract language, identification of potential contractual liability, "hot" issues relevant to managed care contracts, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountabily Act, coordination of benefits, indemnification, compliance, and insolvency. Learn More

Medicare Advantage and Part D

The Medicare Advantage and Part D Affinity Group focuses on issues related to the two major programs providing private health plan options to Medicare beneficiaries. The Affinity Group serves as a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices among the community of Medicare Advantage and Part D lawyers. Learn More

Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice GroupPG

Accreditation, Certification, and Enrollment

The Accreditation, Certification, and Enrollment (ACE) Affinity Group provides an organized forum for members to network and educate regarding legal developments and best practices relating to the ACE of health care providers and health care professionals. ACE Affinity Group serves members who devote a substantial portion of their practice, or who otherwise possess a specific interest, in issues relating to ACE. Learn More

Tax and Finance Practice GroupPG

Tax-Exempt Finance

The Tax-Exempt Finance Affinity Group is committed to addressing and advancing the federal tax and related issues associated with issuance of tax-exempt bonds and to educating tax lawyers regarding the unique issues associated with tax-exempt bond financing, and raising awareness of these issues in the broader context of the American Health Lawyers Association. Learn More

Tax In-House

The Tax In-House Affinity Group is committed to addressing the unique needs of in-house tax professionals and raising awareness of these issues in the broader context of the American Health Lawyers Association. Learn More

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