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Physician/Attorney Affinity Group

The Physician/Attorney Affinity Group is committed to advancing the understanding and application of medical staff, credentialing, and peer review principles to the health care industry. The Affinity Group provides a forum for physician/attorneys with a particular interest in medical leadership functions to share their knowledge, expertise, and perspectives. The Affinity Group serves as a resource for the Medical Staff, Credentialing, and Peer Review Practice Group and AHLA; and provides networking opportunities for AHLA’s physicians/lawyers.


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Vanessa M.B. Toussaint Chair Toussaint Legal Consulting, LLC Stamford, CT Email


You must be a member of the Medical Staff, Credentialing, and Peer Review Practice Group or a government, academic, or student member, or have paid for all-Practice Groups access to enroll in this Affinity Group. You will remain a member as long as you are a member of its sponsoring Practice Group or maintain membership in one of the aforementioned membership categories.

To enroll in this Affinity Group (or if you are not a member of the sponsoring Practice Group(s) and would like to join now), please contact the Member Satisfaction Center at or (202) 833-1100, #2 or complete and return the enrollment form.

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