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March 2008, Volume 14, Issue 1


March 2008, Volume 14, Issue 1
Editor: Charles Whipple, Esq.

  • The Legal Issues Surrounding Donation After Cardiac Death
    Peter Leininger, Esq.
  • Chair�s Column
    Teresa Williams, Esq.
  • A Fatal Case of HIPAA
    Susan Moebius Henderson, Esq.
  • Editor�s Column
    Charles Whipple, Esq.
  • Review of the OIG FY 2008 Work Plan: A Summary for In-House Counsel
    Lena Robins, Esq.; Heidi Sorensen, Esq.; Lawrence Vernaglia, Esq.; and Judith Waltz, Esq.
  • Listserve Discussion Threads
    Compiled and edited by Charles Whipple, Esq.

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