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In-House Counselor, December 2010


Volume 16, Issue 3
Editor: Charles Whipple, Esquire, MHSA

  • Successful Achievement of Physician/Hospital Alignment Strategic Goals
    Chris Rossman, Esquire

  • Editor�s Column
    Charles Whipple, Esquire, MHSA

  • Healthcare Reform Raises the Stakes for Tax-Exempt Hospitals
    Gerald Griffith, Esquire
    James King, Esquire

  • 2010 Golden Ferret Tale: What About Bob?
    Penny Proctor, Esquire

  • Chair�s Column
    Richard Korman, Esquire

  • Wage and Hour Class Actions in the Healthcare Industry: Diagnosis and
    Prevention in 2010
    Greg Keating, Esquire
    Lee Schreter, Esquire
    Angelo Spinola, Esquire

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