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Task Forces and Affinity Groups


Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are created to facilitate networking and educational opportunities with other Practice Group members who share similar professional interests.
Please note: You must be a member of Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group or a government, academician, student, or PG 15 member (all-Practice Groups access) to enroll in these Affinity Groups.

Task Forces

Task Forces are established for those health law topics that cross over several Practice Groups, and they provide collaborative, substantive resources for the benefit of the sponsoring Practice Groups' members.
Please note: You must be a member of the Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group or one of the other sponsoring Practice Groups to receive benefits produced by these Task Forces.   

  • Accountable Care Organization Task Force
    The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Task Force monitors and evaluates the implementing statutes, regulations, cases, and secondary materials concerning ACOs. It provides written materials, webinars, and in-person educational activities to assist AHLA's members to implement ACOs and comply with ACO laws and rules. Since the ACO subject matter is so broad, and impacts the missions and interests of so many Practice Groups, the ACO Task Force is a multi-disciplinary/multi-group entity, and focuses its efforts on the production of a coherent and effective line of ACO-related educational materials using a variety of media and employing AHLA’s vast resources.
  • Behavioral Health Task Force
    The Behavioral Health (BH) Task Force is committed to advancing the understanding of laws impacting behavioral health, including the delivery of services to those living with mental illness, certain neurological conditions, substance use disorders or developmental disabilities, and reimbursement for such services. A complex framework of federal and state laws concerning privacy, information sharing and exchange, reimbursement, involuntary commitment, and other subjects provides unique challenges to health care providers and payers of behavioral health services. Scientific, legislative, and other developments, including health care reform, have presented new issues and opportunities in this area, including primary and behavioral health care integration initiatives, insurance coverage parity mandates, changes to Medicaid, and evolving public policy, to name a few. The BH Task Force monitors and evaluates these laws and developments through written materials, webinars, and in-person educational activities so that AHLA members are better equipped to advise clients on behavioral health topics. In addition, the work of the BH Task Force serves to raise awareness about how behavioral health laws influence health improvement efforts, and will include collaborative efforts with AHLA's Public Interest activities.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Task Force
    The Enterprise Risk Management Task Force is committed to advancing the understanding and application of enterprise risk principles to the health care industry. The premise of health care ERM is that by evaluating all risk exposures confronting an organization and addressing these risks proactively, the organization will optimize its ability to provide safe, efficient, and effective patient care while preserving the organizational assets required to deliver such care. The scope of health care ERM is broad, and encompasses all risk domains (categories): operational, financial, technology, human capital, strategic, legal and regulatory. The ERM approach facilitates the development and implementation of pragmatic, reasonable, and realistic solutions to managing risk for health care organizations and providers.
  • Health Care Reform Educational Task Force
    The Health Care Reform Educational Task Force serves as a single key point-of-contact for the Association membership for institutional resources regarding comprehensive health care reform initiatives at the state and federal levels. The Task Force works to educate AHLA members on proposed health care reform initiatives as well as report on ongoing experiences with recently enacted reform initiatives
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