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Long Term Care and the Law Program Materials

This website contains all the materials for the Long Term Care and the Law program, February 27-29, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ.

Those who have NOT purchased the binder
All materials are available below for the program and will be handed out on a CD-Rom at the program that includes all the materials that are in the binder. If you plan to use the CD to access the materials during sessions, you will need to bring your laptop to the program. If you don�t want to bring your laptop to sessions, please print the materials you will need for the sessions you plan on attending and bring them with you. Please note: You will not be able to attend every session, therefore it is not necessary to print out everything below.

Those who have purchased the binder
For those who wanted the binder and pre-ordered them at the time of registration, you will receive your printed materials at the program, along with a CD-Rom that includes all the materials that are in the binder. This website may contain some material that were not included in the binder or on the CD-Rom. If materials are posted on the website that are not included in the binder for sessions you plan on attending, please print them out and bring them with you. Those materials will be clearly marked.

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Cover Page

I. Nursing Facility Introductory Session
Annaliese Impink, Todd J. Selby

II. Home Health and Hospice Introductory Session
William A. Dombi

Keynote Address: The Future of Long Term Care: Opportunities for an Aging America
Robyn I. Stone

Current Operational and Regulatory Challenges for Long Term Care Providers
Alan E. Schabes (Moderator), Richard P. Grimes, Val J. Halamandaris, William L. Minnix, Mark Parkinson, Alan G. Rosenbloom

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A. ACOs Are Here to Stay � What To Do Now?
David T. Lewis, Kim H. Looney

B. Case Law Update
Susan A. Edwards, Anjana D. Patel

C. Legislative and Regulatory Update for All Providers of Long Term Care, Services and Supports
Marsha R. Greenfield, Jennifer L. Hilliard

D. Legislative and Regulatory Update for Assisted Living
Maribeth Bersani, David A. Kyllo, Karl P. Polzer

E. Legislative and Regulatory Update for Home Health and Hospice
William A. Dombi

F. Predictive Modeling
David W. Sayen

G. One Too Many Roads? The Past and Future of Civil Money Penalties and Appeals under Health Reform
Jeannie A. Adams, Alan C. Horowitz

H. Physicians and Long Term Care: Current and New Models of Integration, the Regulatory Framework and Reimbursement
Joanne R. Lax, James F. Miles

J. Counseling Clients Regarding the Legal and Practical Problems of Increasing Acuity Levels
Paul A. Gordon

K. You�re Asking Me What? New Issues Relating to Culture and Lifestyle Changes
Anne E. Hall, Barbara L. Miltenberger

L. Douglas v. Independent Living Center and Federal Medicaid Payment Requirements
Charles A. Luband

M. Hospice and Home Health Litigation Update
Brian M. Daucher

N. Survey Update: The Nuts and Bolts of Enforcement Appeals
Joseph L. Bianculli, Kelly A. Priegnitz

O. Top 10 Employment and Labor Law Issues in the Long Term Care Environment: An Inside and Outside Counsel�s Perspective on What Every Healthcare Lawyer Should Know
Lynn K. Fieldhouse, Mark W. Peters

P. Are Residents� Mental Health Issues Driving You Crazy? Issues and Strategies for Assisted Living Providers
Martha Everett Meng, Harry J. Nelson

Q. Kicking the Tires: Regulatory Due Diligence in Home Health and Hospice M&A
Betty L. Gordon, Ari J. Markenson

R. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Proceedings
Jill A. Steinberg

S. Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Use of Social Media in the Long Term Care Industry
Caroline J. Berdzik, Beth S. Rosenbaum

T. Long Term Care and Integrated Financing for Dual Eligibles
Eliot Fishman

U. Family Feuds: How to Deal with Problem Residents and Family Members
Tara A. Cope, Joel S. Goldman

V. Watching the Detectives: Legal Ethics Challenges in Internal Investigations
William W. Horton

W. Senior Care Strategies for Optimizing Medicare Market Share, Operational Efficiency and Quality
Jeff Heaphy, David Hennis

X. Compliance Programs - Re-Examining Compliance Programs: Getting Prepared for the Next Regulatory Wave
Robert Hussar, Robert E. Leamer

Y. Opportunities and Challenges to Managed Care Contracting for Post-Acute and Long Term Care Providers during and after Healthcare Reform
Michael H. Cook, Lisa A. Hathaway

Z. Death and Dying � Advanced Directives Unique in Assisted Living
Margaret Murphy Carley

AA. Management of High Acuity Patients and Operational Risks in Hospice
Elizabeth E. Hogue

BB. Legal Ethics Quick Hits: A Review of Common Ethical Points for the Healthcare Lawyer
Gavin J. Gadberry, Christopher C. Puri

CC. Worthless Services � Government, Private Attorney, Public Person. The Law of �Worthless Services� � An In-Depth Analysis of a Decade of Case Law
J. Richard Kiefer

DD. Quality Credentialing � or � Why Should a Long Term Care Facility Pay Attention to Healthcare Reform?
Richard J. Brockman, Susan D. Doughton

EE. CCRCs without Walls: Care Models of the Future
Stephen J. Maag, Susan M. Voigt

FF. FHA Insured Financing for Long Term Care � Current Developments
Andrea C. Barach

GG. Understanding Long Term Care Provider Disclosure and Enrollment Obligations in the Post � PPACA Environment
Hedy S. Rubinger

HH. Fair Housing Compliance in Senior Housing
Robin Dale, Daniel Z. Sternthal

JJ. Game Change: Working with New Labor Rules
Thomas Walsh, Thomas Zigray

KK. MICs, MACs, RACs and ZPICs: Latest Developments, Emerging Legal Issues and Successful Appeal Strategies for Long Term Care Providers
Mark E. Reagan, Andrew B. Wachler

LL. Current Fraud and Abuse Issues in Homecare and Hospice Compliance
Deborah A. Randall

MM. When EMRs Meet Surveyors and Other Things that Go Bump in the Night
Lisa Conrad, Diane E. Felix, Suzanne Sheldon

NN. Delivering Home Health in the Assisted Living Setting
Kerry M. Parker

OO. Culture Change: Policy, Regulation and Implementation
Janet K. Feldkamp, Bonnie Kantor-Burman, Glynis H. Malcolm

PP. The Legal and Operational Implications of Quality Assurance Programs and Documents
Tamar Abell, Howard L. Sollins

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