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AHLA Staff



Executive Department

The department includes the Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Human Resources, and the Senior Manager, Executive and Board Governance. It is responsible for the governance, and Human Resources activities of the Association.

David S. Cade
Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer
(202) 833-0777
Maureen DuBois
Director of Human Resources
(202) 833-0761
Emily Morris
Senior Manager, Executive and Board Governance

Dispute Resolution Service

The Dispute Resolution Service offers arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers (neutrals) to resolve disputes.

Geoff Drucker
Director of Dispute Resolution Service
(202) 833-6945
Carine Brice
Manager of Dispute Resolution Service
(202) 833-0762
Johnnie Mickens
Case Specialist
(202) 833-0776

Distance Learning

For information about distance learning opportunities or webinar continuing legal education credits, contact our Distance Learning staff.

Tanika Coates
Director of Distance Learning
(202) 833-0756
Dominique Sawyer
Distance Learning Administrator
(202) 833-0765
Emily Costello
Distance Learning Coordinator
(202) 833-0782

Marketing and Communications

Stefan Ryan Bradham
Director of Marketing & Communications
(202) 833-0767
Robert Taflinger
Senior Manager, Business Development and Data Analytics
(202) 833-0773
Mary Boutsikaris
Creative Director
(202) 833-0764
Jen Smith
Graphics Designer
(202) 833-0781

Membership and Practice Group Engagement

For information about how to get involved in AHLA, please contact our Membership staff. Also visit this landing page to learn more about AHLA’s Practice Groups, Task Forces, and Affinity Groups and connect with each group’s leadership.

Kerry Beth Hoggard
Vice President of Membership & Public Interest
(202) 833-0760
Magdalena A. Wencel
Senior Manager of Engagement and Governance Operations
(202) 833-0769
Aliza Epstein
Manager of Member Onboarding and Engagement
(202) 833-0779
Collin Sumera
Engagement Coordinator
(202) 833-6951


Responsible for the organization's internal administration and finance, Member Service Center, and the website.

Wayne Miller
Deputy Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
(202) 833-0775
Felicia Dillard
Director of Finance
(202) 833-0771
Clark Campbell
Senior Manager of Finance
(202) 833-0772
Yaroslava Lebeda
Finance Manager
(202) 833-6953
Dorothy Johnson
Finance Administrator
(202) 833-0752
Ali Sims
Finance Administrator
(202) 833-0754
Shireen Ferreira
Membership & Finance Coordinator
(202) 833-1100 ext.2
Maurice A. Harris
Director of Information Technology
(202) 833-0774
Katie Zhang
Senior Manager, Web Services
(202) 833-0758
Alan Robert King
Database Manager
(202) 833-0759
Aboubacar Drame
Web Services Specialist/Administrator
(202) 833-0786


Responsible for organizing our educational programs including the curriculum, speaker and site selection, and continuing legal education accreditation. Also coordinates the Association’s networking events.

Anne H. Hoover
Vice President of Programs
(202) 833-0780
Valerie Burrows Eshleman
Director of Programs
(202) 833-0784
Laurie Garvey
Director of Programs
(202) 833-0783
Anna Hyde
Senior Manager of Programs
(202) 833-6956
Catherine Davis
Programs Administrator
(202) 833-6941
Kaelyn Mooney
Continuing Education Coordinator
(202) 833-0785


Responsible for developing or working with our membership to develop print and electronic publications (including Practice Group resources and AHLA Connections magazine), books, practice guides, and monographs.

Cynthia M. Conner
Vice President of Publishing
(202) 833-0755
Bianca Bishop
Senior Managing Editor, Member Publications
(202) 833-0757
Kara Kinney Cartwright
Senior Legal Editor, Acquisitions and Product Development
(202) 833-6954
Ana M. Greene
Senior Manager of Publishing
(202) 833-0753
Lisa Salerno
Senior Legal Editor, Member and Practice Group Publications
(202) 833-0751
Katherine E. Wone
Senior Legal Editor, Member Publications and Resources
(202) 833-0787
Matthew Ausloos
Publishing Administrator
(202) 833-6952
Annie Larson
Publishing Coordinator
(202) 833-0750
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