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Evolution of Government Antitrust Enforcement in Healthcare:  Audio1 | Audio2

Use and Rise of the FCA and Healthcare Fraud Enforcement: Audio1 | Audio2 | Audio3

Medicare Part A Appeals Process: Audio1 | Audio2

Adelman, S. Allan 

Agrawal, Gail B.

Anthony, Michael F. Transcript | Audio

Baker, Constance H. Transcript | Audio

Barry, Dennis M. Transcript | Audio

Bell, Jerry A. Transcript | Audio

Benesch, Katherine Transcript | Audio

Bernstein, Arthur Transcript | Audio | Video | Video Transcript

Blaes, Stephen M. Transcript | Audio

Blanchard, Timothy P. Transcript | Audio

Bloom, Alan B. Transcript | Audio

Boozang, Kathleen M.

Brennan, Elise Dunitz Transcript | Audio

Brennan, John T. Transcript | Audio

Brier, Bonnie S.

Broccolo, Bernadette M. Transcript | Audio

Cade, David S. Video | Video Transcript

Carder-Thompson, Elizabeth B.

Clarke, Alex M. Transcript | Audio

Conard, Jane R. Transcript | Audio

Coons, Thomas W.

Cooper, Almeta E. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Cornell, Lois Dehls Transcript | Audio

Cowan, Dale H. Transcript | Audio

Cowart, Richard G.

Crane, Thomas S. Transcript | Audio

Daniels, Anthea Transcript | Audio

Davis, Gary Scott Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

DeMuro, Paul R. Transcript | Audio

Doherty, James

Duckett, Gregory M. Transcript | Audio

Eiland, Gary W. Transcript | Audio

Epstein, J.D. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Felt, J. Kay

Forbes, Nancy E.

Fox, Thomas C. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Fraiche, Donna D. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Goldman, Edward B. Transcript | Audio

Goldberg, Alan S.

Gosfield, Alice G. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Griffith, Gerald M.

Hackney, Virginia H.

Hamme, Joel M. Transcript | Audio | Video | Video Transcript

Hammer, Douglas J.

Hasbrouck, Gail D. Transcript | Audio

Hastings, Douglas A. Transcript | Audio

Heagen, Gail P.

Henry, Brent L. Video | Video Transcript

Homer, Leonard C. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Homchick, Robert G.

Hyatt, Thomas K. Transcript | Audio

Johnson, Robert L. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Joy, Louise M.

Kadzielski, Mark A.

Kelly, James P.

King, Marilou M. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

LaFond, Michel A.

Leibenluft, Robert F. Transcript | Audio | Video | Video Transcript

Liebold, Peter M. Transcript | Audio Video | Video Transcript

Luce, Gregory M. Transcript | Audio

Lyncheski, John E. Transcript | Audio

Mancino, Douglas M. Transcript | Audio

Manning, Margaret M.

Markey, Melissa L.

Matyas, David E.

Mayo, Thomas W. Transcript | Audio

Michaels, Joel L. Transcript | Audio

McAnaney, Kevin G.

Miles, John M. Transcript | Audio

Miller, Robert W. Transcript | Audio

Miltenberger, Barbara L.

Morris, Lewis

Murphy Jr., Joseph A. Transcript | Audio

Newman, Dinetia M. Transcript | Audio

Pavarini, Peter A. Transcript | Audio

Peters, Gerald R.

Peregrine, Michael W.

Pomerance, Philip L. Transcript | Audio

Proger, Philip A. Transcript | Audio

Purtell, Dennis J. Transcript | Audio

Randall, Deborah A.

Reed, Glen A. Transcript | Audio

Ronai, Stephen E.

Roosevelet Jr., James Transcript | Audio

Rosati, Kristen B. Transcipt | Audio

Roth, Michael D. Transcipt | Audio

Schaff, Michael F. Transcript | Audio

Schermer, Beth J.

Schroder Jr., Jack S. Transcript | Audio

Scheutzow, Susan O.

Selby, Myra C. Transcript | Audio

Sconyers, Jeff

Shackelford, Richard L. Transcript | Audio

Shay, Edward F.

Sheehan, James G. Transcript | Audio

Shields, Thomas C.

Silhol, Michael L.

Sill, Gerald M.

Stromberg, Ross E.

Sullivan, T.J.

Teplitzky, Sanford V. Transcript | Audio

Tettlebaum, Harvey M. Transcipt | Audio

Tillman, Eugene

Touse, James L.

Vandecaveye, Lisa Diehl Transcript | Audio

Voorhees, Lee Transcript | Audio

Waller, Adele A.

Williams, Teresa A.

Wood Jr., Ivan Transcript | Audio

Wisner, Cynthia F.

Zingman, Edgar A. Transcript | Audio

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