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AHLA Special Committees and Task Forces

Board of Directors 2012-2013 


Click on a director's name to get contact information.

Kathleen M. Boozang
James W. Boswell
David S. Cade
Lois D. Cornell
Marc D. Goldstone
Brian D. Gradle
Gerald M. Griffith
Lisa A. Hathaway
S. Craig Holden
John R. Holdenried
Robert G. Homchick
Marilyn Lamar
Peter M. Leibold
Arthur N. Lerner
Melissa L. Markey
Charlene L. McGinty
Barbara L. Miltenberger
Dinetia M. Newman
Robert R. Niccolini
Peter A. Pavarini
Dorthula H. Powell-Woodson
Vicki L. Robinson
Kristen B. Rosati
Edward F. Shay
Michael L. Silhol
John R. Washlick
Teresa A. Williams
Eric Zimmerman