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Fellows Nomination

Nominating an AHLA Fellow
AHLA members are invited to nominate colleagues and peers whom they believe are qualified to be an AHLA Fellow. The nomination process includes review and selection by the Fellows Coordinating Committee, AHLA's Board Nominating Committee and eventually, approval by the AHLA Board of Directors. The newly selected Fellows are notified by May of each year and announced at the AHLA Fellows Business Meeting during the Association's​ Annual Meeting in June. The AHLA Fellows Charter describes in greater detail criteria that must be met for induction into the Association's Fellows Program.

Fellows Nomination Criteria

Class of 2017 Nomination Deadline: January 31, 2017

Submit​ your ​AHLA Fellows Nomination, or submit your nominee's curriculum vitae and other pertinent information to Kerry Hoggard at

The criteria for membership are as follows:
  • Current member of AHLA (or one of its predecessor organizations) and has been so for 15 or more years;
  • Actively-practicing AHLA Member, including attorneys involved in private practice, in-house counsel, teaching, government service, consulting, management, or otherwise involved in the health care industry, or a non-attorney professional in a health-related field;
  • Has actively practiced health law or in a health-related profession for 15 or more years;
  • The Coordinating Committee may under special circumstances waive the requirement as to the length of membership, work setting, or length of active practice as it deems appropriate and in the best interests of AHLA and the Fellows Program
  • Was an active leader involved in AHLA or its predecessor organizations. “Active leader” means a member of the Board of Directors, member of a governance committee (a task force, council or committee created by the Bylaws or the Board), Chair or planning committee member of an AHLA educational program planning committee or Chair or Vice Chair of a Practice Group, but does not include any member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law, solely because of his or her serving in that capacity;
  • A person who is currently an active leader in AHLA does not qualify to become a Fellow (however, nothing prevents a Fellow from being appointed to a leadership position and continuing as a Fellow if he or she is appointed to a leadership position after being named a Fellow if the President believes that his or her service will benefit the organization); except that, a person who has attained the age of 60 and is still an active leader in AHLA at the time of nomination as a Fellow shall not be disqualified as a result of this section;
  • Generally regarded as one of the top health care lawyers or health professionals  in his/her community; and
  • Since last serving as a leader, the candidate has demonstrated a commitment to the Association through continued participation in, or support of, any or all of these Association activities: speaking, writing, the mentoring program, program planning committee(s), practice group activities, webinars, Public Interest activities, the Dispute Resolution Service, hosting local AHLA meetings or receptions, welcoming new members, or other activities of the Association.
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