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Health Law Resources 

AHLA offers a number of exciting health law resources to both members and non-members:

Health Law Archive (subscription required)

The Archive currently has over 40,000 documents from the following sources:

  • Program Papers, 1993-2011 (many with audio!)
  • Journal of Health Law and Journal of Health & Life Sciences
    issues, 1984-2012
  • Health Lawyers Non-Dues publications, 2000-2009
  • Health Lawyers Weekly articles, 2001-present
  • Health Law Digest articles, 1995-present
  • Health and Life Sciences Law Daily briefings, 2007-present
  • Practice Group Newsletters, Member Briefings, Toolkits, and Teleconference and Webinar Recordings
  • AHLA Connections (formerly Health Lawyers News), 1997-present

Career Center

The Career Center is the premiere location to post and search for jobs in the field of health law.

Business Directory

AHLA has established the Business Directory as a way for our members to learn more about companies and organizations that offer products or services to health lawyers.

Public Interest

AHLA serves as a public resource on selected healthcare legal issues to help the general consumer better understand healthcare issues and prepare them for difficult situations, ultimately leading to better planning and better care for them and their community. 

AHLA uses non-partisan public policy forums as well as the Public Interest Series to educate the public.

Public Interest activities are supported by contributions from AHLA members and their firms, healthcare associations, businesses and other interested individuals.

Dispute Resolution Service

Our Dispute Resolution Service was formed in 1992 to respond to the healthcare field's search for an alternative to the long delays and costs of litigation.

The DRS Service offers competent, trained dispute resolvers with expertise in key areas of healthcare services for a single, reasonably priced fee-for-service. The service provides unique flexibility: parties have to agree on procedural questions, fee payment, and dispute resolver selection before the resolution process begins.

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