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A Guide to Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions 

A Guide to Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions provides an overview of the key legal and practical issues that arise when caring for someone with a life-limiting condition. The guidebook is organized around the continuum of care beginning with the healthy, independent individual to those living in a retirement community, assisted living, long term care, and hospice care. The guidebook’s chapters are also summarized in quick-reference “one-pagers” that provide a more general overview of the important points that the caregiver should consider when looking after a loved one.

The following audiences may find this resource helpful:

  • Primary caregivers
  • Social workers
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Health care providers
  • Health care administrators
  • Patient advocates
  • Public Interest attorneys

The Guide may be downloaded free of charge in its entirety or into six, summarized and easy to read one-page documents that provides a brief general overview of the issues covered in each chapter of the more comprehensive guidebook:


  1. Choosing an Independent Living Arrangement
  2. Long Term Care Options
  3. Choosing a Long Term Care Facility
  4. Settling Into a Long Term Care Facility
  5. Care and Comfort at the End of Life

To order free print copies, please contact Kristen Brown.

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