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Student Membership 

Student membership is available to all law and graduate students for just $35. If you are a student and would like to join, please contact Member Services at (202) 833-1100.


Benefits available to student members:

  • Student members of AHLA automatically receive electronic access to all 16 of AHLA's Practice Groups, which are composed of members who want to increase their level of expertise in and knowledge of health law issues, grow professionally, gain valuable leadership experience, and network with health lawyers and other students from across the country.
  • Electronic access to the Health Law Archive is also included in student membership price; the Archive is database of more than 40,000 AHLA documents and audio recordings that are collected and stored in  a Google-searchable electronic library.
  • Health Lawyers Weekly, an electronic news service delivered by email each week providing students with a concise summary of the major changes in health law each week. If we don't have your email address, update your profile now. Students also have access to the Health Law Digest, an extensive monthly synopsis of the most current state and federal court decisions in the field of health law with alphabetical and jurisdictional indices.
  • An opportunity to stay current on important health law issues through participation in one or more of Health Lawyers' Discussion Lists.
  • Students also have access to the Discussion List Archives.
  • AHLA Connections (formerly Health Lawyers News) monthly magazine—accessible to students online.
  • Discounts on all publication purchases. Visit the online bookstore.
  • Access to in-person programs and webinars. (Students receive special discounts on both.)
  • For students about to graduate, be sure to review Health Lawyers' online Career Center, the best source for jobs in health law. Students can also post a position wanted advertisement for a nominal amount.
  • Some student health law groups have established an alliance with AHLA, learn more in the Growing the Future of Health Law brochure and by visiting the School Alliance Program webpage.

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