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Conflict Management in Healthcare Organizations

On Demand Training 

To heal the sick and achieve organizational goals, healthcare professionals must commuicate and collaborate effectively. As medicine grows in complexity, and the pace of change accelerates, these skills will be increasingly in demand.
AHLA has created a new conflict resolution program that will actually come to your hospital and other healthcare facilities.

Training can make an enormous difference
For anyone who thinks “this is just how it is” or “this is just how they are,” this course, Conflict Management in Healthcare Organizations, is an eye-opening experience.

We come to you!
This two-day program is provided onsite, on demand, at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It is highly interactive. Physicians, nurses, administrators, executives, and attorneys work together in small groups on the types of serious conflicts that frequently arise in healthcare settings. Trainers provide hands on coaching.

Why train onsite?

  • Agenda and course materials are customized to address the facilities’ needs.
  • Participants focus on how to resolve disputes within the unique norms and constraints of their facility.
  • Participants develop a deeper understanding of each other and forge closer ties.
  • No travel time (or expenses) for busy healthcare providers. 

You can expect results
This course empowers people working in healthcare to manage conflicts proactively and skillfully; to avert blowups, rancor, and misunderstanding. Trainees will learn the keys to stronger, positive working relationships among those who deal everyday with the stresses of modern healthcare delivery. In a world struggling with the thought “Something has to give!” this is a breath of fresh air, hope and respect.

Effective Trainers
Jane Reister Conard and Jeanne Franklin developed this course based on decades of experience in addressing healthcare conflicts through conflict management programs, organizational development initiatives, and mediation, as well as through traditional legal procedures.  They have a track record of innovation and results.

Cost Effective Package
For a minimum of 20 trainees, this package includes 10 hours of preparation (customization) and 16 hours of onsite instruction (two days) at $1,000 or less per person.   No charge for travel time—just trainers’ travel expenses.  The length and content can be adjusted to meet your needs.

This very practical, skills oriented course has given me and my colleagues ways to work and communicate with others more productively, managing unnecessary and distracting, even painful conflicts. And it has really helped us understand new ways to manage problems in our departments. We expect its value to prove itself over and over again. We highly recommend this for other healthcare systems.

-General Counsel of Hospital System


Excellent job blending information with interaction and feedback.

-Physician Participant

Given the impact conflict resolution skills can have on patient outcomes . . . can your organization afford not to host this course?

For more information or to schedule a course, contact Carine Brice at cbrice@healthlawyers.org (202) 833-0762, or Geoff Drucker at  gdrucker@healthlawyers.org (202) 833-6945.

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