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Become a Neutral 

To join our roster of neutrals (arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers), please complete a profile and provide a resume.   There is no fee to join or remain on the roster.

If you are currently a neutral, please create a new profile and provide a current resume.  You can no longer access or edit old profiles.  The Dispute Resolution Service has implemented a new and improved database. 

Questions? Please contact Carine Brice at (202) 833-0762 or Cbrice@HealthLawyers.org

AHLA encourages you to become a dispute resolver on the AHLA panel. Experience as a resolver can enhance your knowledge of health law, your efficacy as an advocate, your skills as a negotiator, and your satisfaction as a health lawyer. Below, we have listed ten reasons for you to give serious consideration to becoming a dispute resolver. In addition, we have listed some testimonials from existing resolvers about their experience on the AHLA panel.

Top Ten Reasons for Becoming an AHLA ADR Dispute Resolver
Experience as an AHLA dispute resolver

  1. Diversifies your professional experience.
  2. Provides a new revenue stream for yourselves and/or your employer.
  3. Helps you to recognize effective advocacy, benefiting your legal practice.
  4. Is intellectually challenging.
  5. Provides an important opportunity to seek justice rather than advocate on behalf of a particular interest.
  6. Allows an individual to develop skills that can be used after retirement from the active practice of law.
  7. Provides an opportunity to continue learning new skills through ADR Training Programs.
  8. Expands your areas of expertise in health law.
  9. Allows you to do your part in reducing litigation in the healthcare community.
  10. Provides an opportunity to network with a talented panel of lawyers, retired judges and professionals.

Here is what our resolvers have to say about it:

"It might sound trite, but serving as an AHLA dispute resolver provides a satisfying and rewarding opportunity to assist parties to achieve the efficient and just resolution of their disputes. As a practicing litigator and healthcare lawyer, being able 'to do what is right' is extremely fulfilling."

- Albert M. Appel

"Serving as a Dispute Resolver with the AHLA ADR Service is an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience from both a professional and personal standpoint. As a commercial litigator who specializes in the resolution of complex healthcare disputes, I have gained valuable practice insights and perspectives while serving as a neutral decision-maker. It is also personally satisfying to be able to help the healthcare community facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes in an efficient, cost-effective and private manner."

- Alan D. Lash

"Most lawyers originally went to law school because the practice of law provides the opportunity for service. The opportunity to serve as a Dispute Resolver for the ADR Service of the American Health Lawyers Association is an excellent way for lawyers to serve. The legal framework of our healthcare system is complicated and has many moving parts. My experience as an attorney for health care clients makes me a better Neutral and acting as a Neutral makes me a better lawyer."

- Joseph T. Ritchey

"Having been involved in healthcare both as a practitioner and attorney, I find it most rewarding to contribute to the healthcare field through the American Health Lawyers Association as a dispute resolver. First, I have received feedback of instant credibility and respect by being on AHLA's dispute resolver panel. Second, the cases are interesting and intellectually challenging not only on their merits but also due to the respective counsel representing the parties. Lastly, AHLA provides solid administrative assistance and backing to me if I have any administrative needs which arise."

- Louise B. Zeuli

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