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Submissions to Health Lawyers Weekly 


We invite you to share with your colleagues the information you find pertinent to your practice. If it's important to you, we'd like to know about it. Contributions range from articles and analysis to comments on important industry developments.

The main content elements of Health Lawyers Weekly are articles and analysis, news, features, and best practices. The following gives more detail on each of these areas and includes some ways you can contribute. If you have an area of interest that isn't covered in these areas, we would still like to hear from you.

Articles and Analyses—We are looking for contributions in all areas of health law. You can help by providing content. Insightful articles written for your firm's or group's newsletters are also welcome.

News—We are constantly on the lookout for any significant or interesting news items, including new cases, federal and state legislative and regulatory developments, and general industry news. You can help by alerting us to developments in any of these areas or by providing comments on these events regarding their impact on health law. We are also looking for additional "sources." Often members in the know will give us a heads up on breaking news before it becomes public. All source information is treated as confidential.

Features—Submissions of interest to specific segments of the health law industry are welcomed. These areas can include, but are not limited to, in-house counsel, small law, long term care, food and drug, teaching hospitals, labor, litigation, and federal and state government.

Best Practices—We are interested in publishing best practices, checklists, or any useful practice or client development tools. Practical information learned from running your practice, ranging from expense saving ideas to outsourcing, is also welcomed.

Submissions or questions can be sent to our editors or contact Bianca Bishop at (202) 833-0757.

Mailing information:

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American Health Lawyers Association
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Washington, DC 20006-4010

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