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AHLA Mentoring Program 

The value of your AHLA membership not only is received through tangible products and services but through the intangible collegiality and relationships that you develop and enjoy through your engagement with other AHLA member colleagues. AHLA’s Mentoring Program, available as a member benefit, fosters even greater collegiality and bonding across the various substantive health law practice areas and across our varying experiences as health care lawyers.

Haven’t signed up yet? Complete your profile. Find a Mentor. Become a Mentor. Share your experience and knowledge of the Association. Pay it forward. Log in or Create your profile today

Need more help? Here's a video on how you can become a mentor or mentee.

Have you previously created a profile but just forgotten your user ID? Do you have questions? Email us at mentoring@healthlawyers.org.

Who can participate? AHLA's Mentoring Program is offered as a benefit to our membership, so you need to be an AHLA member to participate. Not a member yet? Join today to get access to the Mentoring Program and a wide variety of benefits.

Do you know what the AHLA Mentoring Program really has to offer?

Visit our YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/healthlawyers to hear from participants themselves on just how beneficial AHLA’s Mentoring Program can be for both the mentor and the mentee. Hear AHLA members share what they have learned and gained through their participation in the Mentoring Program.


Helped me learn how to be both a better lawyer and health lawyer. – Bill Horton


Valuable experience for both the mentor and the mentee. – Tizgel High


Folks give their time and talent to help anyone who is interested to learn. – David Cade 

Tell us your story!

We are eager to hear your experiences with the Mentoring Program, as well. Interested in being on camera? Submit your videos or email mentoring@healthlawyers.org to find out how you can get involved.



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