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Transactions Affinity Group 

The Transactions Affinity Group (AG) highlights the structural, corporate, securities, regulatory, tax, and accounting issues implicated in merger and acquisition transactions, all with an emphasis on features that are unique to deals in the health care industry. Despite the difficult economic climate caused by the collapse of the credit markets, health care transactions continue to close. In fact, many in the industry believe that the lack of credit may accelerate deal activity, as poorly capitalized, unprofitable institutions are forced to seek partners or buyers. The Transactions AG focuses on developments in deals prevalent in the health care industry, from hospital acquisitions and dispositions, to consolidations in the pharmaceutical industry, to joint ventures and other arrangements among the service providers, biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies, and payers. The AG covers case law developments highlighting decisions that will shape the way transactions are structured and consummated. It follows developments in financing and capitalizing for-profit and nonprofit providers, and highlights select bankruptcy law matters that impact health care transactions.

Further, the Transactions AG follows health care regulatory developments to position itself to predict transactional trends. The AG will follow developments within the Obama Administration as health care is reformed, with a view toward identifying those changes that will affect the structure of new industry deals, as well as the unwinding of existing transactions.


Robert GuenthnerRobert Guenthner
SVP and Chief Legal Officer
National Surgical Hospitals Inc.
Chicago, IL
(312) 627-8247


Kim RoederKim H. Roeder
King & Spalding LLP
Atlanta, GA
(404) 572-4675




You must be a member of the Business Law and Governance Practice Group to enroll in this Affinity Group. Once you enroll in the Affinity Group, you will remain a member as long as you are a member of the sponsoring Practice Group. To enroll now, please email Practice Groups staff indicating that you would like to join.

If you are not a member of the Practice Group and would like to join, please contact the Member Satisfaction Center at (202) 833-1100, prompt #2, or submit the Practice Group membership form.

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