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    Make the most of your AHLA membership! Enroll in a Practice Group, start a conversation on a Discussion List, share your expertise as a mentor, team up with a colleague to speak at a program or write an article, and much more.

    Getting involved makes AHLA a better organization, and creates professional opportunities for you.


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    Through membership in AHLA and participation in a Practice Group, you have access to a network of leading attorneys, executives, consultants, and other advisors who are recognized deal-makers and shakers in health care. The connections made as a result of your AHLA membership will provide immediate value.

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    Your Source For Relevant Information

    More than ever, we rely on quick and easy access to relevant information for successful practice management. AHLA understands this particular need and offers you many key information sources and services that will help you be effective counsel for your clients.

    AHLA Dispute Resolution Service

    - Arbitration
    - Mediation
    - Peer Review
    - Training and Education
    - Become a Neutral

    Learn more about DRS

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    Learn more about AHLA members, leaders, and the organization

    AHLA is the nation's largest, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthcare field. Get to know more about our organization, our 12,500 members and leaders, and partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

    Celebrating Diversity+Inclusion

    AHLA is a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community of those interested in health law.

    Learn more about our Diversity activities


 Public Sector Health Lawyers


An attorney working in a public sector or government work setting is eligible to join AHLA as a government member. The individual receives online access to all Practice Groups (PGs), free PG Roundtable Discussions, and qualifies for discounted rates on programs and webinars.

An attorney or non-attorney who works in a nonprofit legal service agency, public interest law firm, nonprofit legal advocacy organization, or public health organization or agency, is eligible to join AHLA as a public interest professional. The individual qualities for special, discounted rates when registering for AHLA programs and webinars and, as a new member, receives complimentary access to one Practice Group.

AHLA’s Government Bundle Program provides another option for those wanting to take advantage of the benefits and services of the Association. A government office or agency may choose to pay one fee to have its attorneys and non-attorneys who focus on health care-related issues to receive AHLA benefits and services. A sliding scale makes it cost effective for the office to fund a budgeted amount each October for an established number of individuals. For more information, please contact AHLA at

All Government and Public Interest Professional members (whether as individual members or as members in the bundle) receive subscriptions to the Health Law DailyAHLA Weekly, AHLA Newsstand, monthly magazine (those in the bundle receive digital edition); Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law (all receive digital edition, published three times annually); and access to AHLA's Discussion Lists and Membership Directory. Dues are personal and fully portable should the member change employment. 


 Public Interest


Serving as a public resource on selected health care legal issues, AHLA educates members, their clients and local communities on important health law issues.

Visit the Public Interest website

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