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Events and Education 

AHLA offers a wide array of educational programs to suit all types of learning methods.

In-Person Programs

As the premier provider of continuing education to the profession, AHLA leads health law to excellence through its in-person seminars held across the country. Questions regarding our in-person programs can be emailed to our Programs staff.


AHLA's webinars allow participants to listen to presentations over the phone while watching presentations "live" through their web browsers and asking questions in real time.  Each webinar has a special website, an agenda, materials, presenter biographies, an evaluation form, and more. Questions regarding webinars can be emailed to our Practice Groups staff.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Service was formed in 1992 to respond to the healthcare field's search for an alternative to the long delays and costs of litigation. The ADR Service offers competent, trained dispute resolvers with expertise in key areas of healthcare services for a single, reasonably priced fee-for-service. The service provides unique flexibility: parties have to agree on procedural questions, fee payment, and dispute resolver selection before the resolution process begins. AHLA offers several ADR Training programs thoughout the year. Questions regarding ADR Trainings can be emailed to the ADR staff.
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