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AHLA's Refund Policy



If your total is incorrect due to an inaccurate shipping amount, lapse in your membership, or other error, AHLA will charge or bill you for the correct amount.



Membership – Membership begins when your information and fees are processed by AHLA. As per the Association’s Bylaws, Article VIII, Dues, Section 2, Resignation: “A member may resign at any time and no dues or fees paid shall be refunded.” Membership in AHLA is individually-based and fully portable should the individual change employment. Membership is not transferable from individual to individual within a firm or organization. Members living outside the continental U.S. receive their benefits electronically via the web, e.g., access the monthly magazine online as do individuals who are paralegals, or those in government or academic work settings who choose to receive their benefits electronically.

Practice Groups – An individual must be a current AHLA member to join a Practice Group. The enrollment period is aligned to the individual’s membership expiration, e.g., if nine months of AHLA membership remain, your Practice Group enrollment will also lapse in nine months to enable you to renew your membership and Practice Group enrollments at the same time in the future. Practice group enrollment begins when your information and fees are processed by AHLA. As per the Association’s Bylaws, Article VIII, Dues, Section 2, Resignation: “A member may resign at any time and no dues or fees paid shall be refunded.”

Programs – If you are registered for an in-person program and find it necessary to cancel your registration, we ask that you submit your cancellation request to AHLA in writing by mail or fax. The actual cancellation deadline for each program is posted on the web page for that program. For cancellations received by the deadline, registration fees, less a $125 administrative fee will be refunded following the program. If you are unable to attend a program and wish to send a substitute, please call AHLA at (202) 833-1100, prompt #5. Please note that the registration fee is based on the membership status of the individual who actually attends the program. Consequently, there may be a difference in the amount due and payable at the time of substitution.

Public Interest Donation – If you believe an error has been made in connection with a donation, contact Robert Taflinger, Manager of Development and Special Projects, at (202) 833-0773.  We will work with you to correct the error, and if necessary, provide the appropriate correction or refund.

If you change your mind about donating to AHLA for any reason, we will honor your decision for a return of your donation as long as the request is made within fourteen (14) calendar days of the original donation.

To request a refund, call (202) 833-1100 prompt #2. Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your donation by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card.

Webinars – Once your registration is processed, we are unable to issue a refund or cancel your registration. 

ePrograms – Because an eProgram is an electronic file, AHLA is unable to refund your purchase of this product after it has been purchased. 

Online/On-Demand Educational Sessions – Because these files contain audio, video, and textual content from our in-person programs and are electronic products, AHLA is unable to refund your purchase after it has been purchased. 

Post Webinar MP3/MP4 – Because MP3 and MP4 files are electronic products, AHLA is unable to refund your purchase after it has been purchased. 

Health Law Archive – Because the Health Law Archive is an electronic library, AHLA does not issue refunds on this research product.  

Journal of Health & Life Sciences LawIf you are not satisfied with the Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law, the balance for undelivered issues of your subscription will be refunded by AHLA and you will lose access to any remaining issues of this electronic product. 

Quick Reference Resources – AHLA will provide a full refund for any Quick Reference Resource Guide in print form. However, AHLA is not able to provide a refund for an electronic guide after it has been purchased.



Where applicable, for DC residents, 5.75% sales tax will be added to the total (not including shipping charges).



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